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Edgefield County Hospital = Quality Healthcare. Welcome to the Edgefield County Hospital. Take a few minutes to review our site to find any information you need.

Edgefield County Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Edgefield County, SC.

Edgefield County Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Edgefield County Hospital is a government - local hospital.

Location and Directions


They push their political Conservative Agenda in your face by forcing you to hear FAKE FOX NEWS on their waiting room TV. YOUR PRESIDENT doesn't know anything about health care & it's not professional to use a medical establishment to promote your redneck views. I can see why the staff acts grumpy having to hear that channel everyday. I might add that most residents in Edgefield voted for HILLARY, not your president (a month ago)

Do not come here under any circumstances. The physicians are a bunch of backwoods hillbillies that will get you killed. (4 months ago)

How inhumane! I was told verbally and it was written on my discharge papers that within 2-3 days IF my test results came back positive, they would contact me...and IF the results were negative there would be no call and I was fine. 3 days passed with no call from them. I called on the 6th day, and the Dr said the test results were POSITIVE for Strep throat! No one called me at all for almost a week...they let me go about in public with a contagion with me under the impression I was fine! A friend got infected from me! Yet when it came to the bill, they left a message saying it was "URGENT" and "IMPERATIVE" that I get in touch with them! So mere numbers are URGENT, but a contagious test results are NOT? That is beyond unethical! (a year ago)

The Doctors dont run test at all. They only go by what they think is wrong with you. About 4 years ago I had pneumonia but they told me I had a UTI infection. Just left them this morning running a high temp and diarrhea. The doctor didnt even run test. His theory is that its a virus but I work around raw chicken everyday and im thinking I have bird flu or maybe even salmonella poisoning. They are not going to be satisfied until something happens to someone and they have a lawsuit against them. (11 months ago)

Unbelievable, never in my life have I been treated the way the er staff treated my fiance and I mind you both of are in the medical field and would never dare treat a patient with such disrespect. (a year ago)

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