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East Cooper Medical Center provides Mount Pleasant residents with compassionate child birth services, orthopedic surgeries and more.

East Cooper Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Charleston County, SC.

East Cooper Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

East Cooper Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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This was a good review until I received another ridiculous doctors bill long after I had been here for another $1,400. I knew they both had their own expenses tacked on but thought it was one bill and not half what they’re asking. I’m not paying a month and half of my life overall for two bags of salt water. Place is a trap. (in the last week)

I had an excellent experience here. I was a new patient and felt as if everyone cared about getting me well. Joel Moore was an excellent doctor and you could tell he cared. The nurse was cool too but I unfortunately can't remember his name. (4 months ago)

Scheduling dropped the ball, and called the day before surgery a half hour before their office closed to inform my relative that they needed a dental clearance for a hip replacement surgery. We were able to reach the dentist to ask them to send the paperwork within the 30 minutes we had left before the doctor's office closed. They would not answer the phone for the dentist, and instead of calling with the disappointing news of the surgery cancellation they opted to rather send an email at the last moment which in turn wasn't received until we were in the waiting room. Then after an hour and a half of sitting in the waiting room thinking that everything was squared away they send two physicians assistants down to talk to my relative about why it was canceled. When we were in the tiny square consultation room they proceeded to tell us that it was in their records that we had been informed far in advance of needing the dental release for the surgery, which we weren't, and we told them so, and since we had no access to their files that said we were supposed to know of this it made no sense how the fact that their files said that we did know even mattered. When we told them this they began to back themselves up and claim that we were abusive to the staff, and at this point I wish that I had been recording the conversation so that I could show you all how laughable a statement that was. We weren't yelling, we weren't cussing, and were simply stating exactly how they had messed up, but they weren't hearing it. The male nurse was bald with a beard, but you could see from the color of his face the rising frustration that we weren't just willing to roll over and let them blame this on us. Regardless of these facts, and their misinformation the surgery was canceled and my relative is still on crutches. My holiday is ruined as I had requested off work to be able to make sure I was in a position to take care of them while they healed. Now, I am stuck out of state, and my plane ticket doesn't have a return for 3 weeks. Now I'm off to try and deal with getting an early flight back home a week before Christmas. Would anyone like to gamble at my chances? We are obviously very upset over this. The doctors and nurses may have been great, but in order to get to them you have to go through very incompetent and plastic people. This is why Mount Plastic is so named. (5 months ago)

I have just moved to this area three months ago, and was hoping to receive good care. I found out that I have had a kidney stone, and they took the scans, blood work, and gave me pain medicine then sent me out. I was still vomiting, crying from the pain, and was told they couldn’t do anything for me and that I would be better at my own house. I was very disappointed in how my visit went. (a month ago)

I had the best experience in labor & delivery. The nurses that cared for me and my baby were amazing, I cried when it was time to leave them. It was totally worth the drive from North Charleston to Mt Pleasant for all the prenatal appointments at East Cooper Gyn/OB. (3 months ago)

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