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At East Alabama Medical Center, our mission is high quality, compassionate health care, and that statement guides everything we do. We set high standards for customer ...

East Alabama Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Lee County, AL.

East Alabama Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

East Alabama Medical Center is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Being from out of state I was very worried about having to have my son seen but it was neccessary. Once arriving in the er we were greeted, checked in and the receptionist help us to find out if they accepted our insurance. The wait to be taken back seemed like forever, specially when your little one is in pain. Once we were taken back the nurses were very friendly and accommodating. The doctor came in and took his time with us. He treated us as he would his own family. Even with the changing of shifts all the nurses were helpful. We had a bunch of test and all the different areas were friendly, helpful and make everything understandable. By the end I felt comfortable that we were leaving with the correct information and results. Thank you for being so kind to us. (in the last week)

I want to thank the nurse's who cared for my sister Lizzie Marshall. Not only are they very dedicated to their jobs, they were caring and very kind. I couldn't be more thankful for their professional and spiritual attitudes and the loving and kind way they interacted with my sister and my family. She stayed in CVICU for thirty one days and every time I entered the doors I was recieved with a caring smile and often hugs. I was told of every change that she went through. They also loved on me and made sure i knew all about what they were doing and why. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!!!! To a staff of dedicated, professional angels that aided my sister until she made her transition to heaven. You will never be forgotten. God bless you all (a week ago)

i find it hard to believe that anyone could have had a bad experience at this hospital. I have been a patient many times over the years and have had outstanding care from every employee with whom I came in contact. They always seemed to genuinely care about my well being.and were very prompt to answer a call and made every effort to meet my needs. We are very fortunate to have a regional medical center of this caliber in our county that offers high quality medical care from well trained physicians, nurses, and medical staff. (3 months ago)

This review is solely on the Emergency room department. The hospital itself is great EXCEPT the emergency room. 1st experience was some years ago, my daughter had a high fever and vomiting. They couldn't get the fever down nor stop the vomiting and they couldn't figure what was wrong. They told me she must have a stomach virus and sent her home despite my pleas to admit her for more tests. We ended up taking her to the pediatrician a couple days later who direct admitted her to another hospital and after some tests found she had a perforated appendix. She almost died. Not too long after that a friend of my sister went to East Alabama emergency room with a heart condition and stated she was having heart related emergency and was told to have a seat in the lobby. When they finally got her back to examine her she died on the examine table. A couple of years later a friend goes in and sits in the lobby for 3 hours without ever being taken into an exam room. He leaves and goes to another hospital where they admit him for surgery. NOW to last mother has been a patient at this hospital multiple times for the past 2 years and has received EXCELLENT service everywhere except in the emergency room. It was freezing in the lobby. We already know to expect it to be cold but this was different it was freezing. We came prepared with thick clothing and jackets but this did not help. Every one in the lobby was complaining about how cold it was. When asked one of the employees told my sister that because of the flu outbreak they had experienced they had set the temperature lower to help eliminate any further spread of the virus. Ok understandable. I go to the reception desk and ask for a blanket for my mother and I'm told no they are for the patients in back. I explain my mother is a cancer patient and can't afford to get any sicker and she will be in the back as soon as they call her but she is freezing now. I'm told she has to wait until she gets in the back. I ask how long do she expect that to be and was told they have no idea because all the beds are full. We wait another half hour after already being there 2 hours and we leave. I'm not complaining about the time. It was extremely uncomfortable for not just everyone but especially for those already sick. I would have completely understood them saying only the patients could receive a blanket but we were made to feel like her comfort wasn't a concern. Every experience that I or someone I know have had with this emergency room is a bad one. I have even heard employees state they would go to another emergency room before they would come to this one. This long negative review all because of a blanket...........It's sometimes the small things that makes people go off or makes the difference in a positive experience. (3 months ago)

I had my son at this hospital and the experience was great. The postnatal classes to help Mom's with breastfeeding and such were also very good. (3 weeks ago)

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