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275 W 12TH ST, PERU, IN 46970
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275 W 12TH ST
PERU, IN 46970

Stroke Care Dukes Memorial Hospital is recognized as a primary stroke center. According to The Joint Commission, which bestows this designation, primary stroke ...

Dukes Memorial Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Miami County, IN.

Dukes Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Dukes Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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This has come across my phone to give a review of this hospital. So here is my review. At first I did not care much for this hospital and the service I have received , but since I have came across a really good doctor Mark Meyer, and don’t want to give him up as a doctor, since it is not easy to find one as good as he is. I continued to have services done here. And I have to say the the service here has gotten so much better. And I also have learned that everyone has their bad days, so if someone that works for them is just not treating you very good. Just keep good spirits and let them have their bad day. And don’ t give any reviews on days such as these. Because really this is a good hospital that employs a lot of good caring people. And we need each everyone of them to keep us in good health. So I give them 5 stars😊👍 (6 months ago)

I received excellent care staff was great. I couldn't ask to have been treated better. I found the food to be very good. If you're in need of medical care I highly recommend them thanks for the good help and treatment. And for The Three Mouseketeers that put my catheter in I hope your Mexican food that night was great love to all and God bless you and thank you for being there for me (7 months ago)

If you ever go to this gynecologists office, beware of the rude receptionist!!! My appointment was at 11am , yes they asked me to come a little early to fill out paperwork, which would of taken me 5 minutes, but I got there at 10:58am , no one in the waiting area but 1 other lady, so I check in and the receptionist (whom was rude to me on the phone when I called to let them know i was on my way but I wouldn’t be as early as they’d like because I wasn’t familiar with the area) says , “sorry, your too late, I have to reschedule you”.... I said are u kidding me? Technically I’m 2 mins early! And I could of filled the paperwork out within minutes! And she said “well it’s not fair to make the other patients wait because you were “late” as I look around and see one person , who could of went ahead of me and it’s 2 mins before my appointment time. Ok lady, noted! I’ll be going elsewhere!! (2 months ago)

This place is so freaking slow it's stupid!!! It needs to shut down!! (4 weeks ago)

Boyfriend received surgery in mid June at Dukes in an attempt to correct nerve damage from a previous surgery/injury. He had previously broken his ankle, and had to have pins and plates put into his ankle. after about 2 weeks, 2 stitches started breaking loose, so they removed all his stitches. A couple of days after that the surgery wound completely reopened up on it's own at night like around 9pm. We took him to the ER, because this like 5 inch wound on his ankle split open. We didn't know what to do - it was a very deep open wound. The ER Nurse was sorta rude about us showing up to the ER to begin with, asking if we had try to call his doctor. I guess we didn't realize we should sit at home, and call into his doctor and leave a message with the message service. To us, it seemed pretty important for him to get seen ASAP to prevent the wound being open, and further injury, or infection. I guess in part we didn't quite understand that they were not going to sew it back up again or seal it together. The nurse was sorta rude about the whole thing acting as though we were wasting her time. A doctor did come in to see him, but said they couldn't do anything to treat him because it had not been at least 30 days from his surgery date. Apparently when you have surgery, no other doctors can treat you except your surgeon, so we waited while they contacted his surgeon. I told the doctor we could go home, and just call his surgeon from home (since we felt sorta unwanted and putting them "out"), but he said that we might as well stay. After contacting the surgeon, the surgeon advised to do a "wet to dry" packing method. The ER Doctor then had the nurse come back in, and show us how to do it. My boyfriend did this method for a few weeks before going back to see the surgeon, then he finds out the nurse had showed him the wrong way. Here we are in mid-september still doing this "wet to dry" packing the wound. It is healing somewhat, but is still open. Note - nearly 3 months later - his surgery site is still open. The only alternative option discussed with the surgeon late into the healing was possibly a skin graft but that it would not work because of the wound being on his ankle it would rub in his shoe, and not take properly. I don't necessarily think that there is a single incident here that requires all attention, but rather the questions of couldn't they have been more polite, more correct, more helpful? Would contacting some sort of wound specialist help speed up the healing process, was there any other methods that could have been utilized to get him back on his feet quicker. He's been off his feet and not working for 3 months now... His surgeon told us right after the surgery that he was supposed to be able to walk on it and work on it right after surgery. That simply has not happened. Before he even had the surgery I begged him to go to St. Vincent, that's where I had my last surgery, and I loved it. He thought Duke's was good enough. He thought it'd be OK. I hoped for the best. I hoped that all the negative stuff I had heard wasn't all true. I can confirm some of the other complaints too though from over the years. As a long term resident, It's not just a not liking something because it's in your town. It's much more than that. There is a whole lot of validity in the complaints. Like the staff laughing and joking around instead of helping people in the Emergency room. I've seen it for myself. When you have a loved one injured, and you are truly afraid for their well-being. The LAST thing you want to see is the nursing staff joking around, and acting like helping you is an annoyance to their "fun". If Dukes wants to compete with the other hospitals, it needs to be completely changed from bottom up. (10 months ago)

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