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Dickinson County Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Dickinson County, MI.

Dickinson County Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Dickinson County Memorial Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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Terrible! The place should be closed. I was misdiagnosed. I was threatened there by administration. They told me I have an infection but it is lymphoma. And on top of it they laughed about it. They are not compassionate, capable, ethical or professional (2 months ago)

We had gone down to DCH when my mother fell and broke her wrist inside while cleaning the floor. We arrived there at 9:00PM; it was quiet and didn't look busy at all. Once we told the lady at the front desk of the situation she instructed us to sit in a small room not too far from the front desk in a "no big deal/whatever" sort of tone. My mother was in quite a bit of pain, so I was irritated from the lady's disrespectful tone. We waited in the little room for 20 minutes before another lady came to take us to another room where my mother could receive treatment. There were no doctors available, just nurses, physicians and assistants. They were dreadfully slow and had a look and tone of disgust and unappreciation. My mother had only had a few drinks, and could clearly speak without stuttering. The only thing preventing her from speaking clearly at times was the pain from her broken wrist. We were told Dr. Occhietti would be coming in, but it wasn't after one hour of waiting for him to arrive when the nurses told us that he did not want to come in since my mother's alcohol levels were too high. We just didn't understand all this waiting. They were taking forever with the paper work and prescription medication, and then we were told Dr. Occhietti wasn't coming in at all after waiting for so long. My mother was still sitting there with a broken wrist in a lot of pain... They took about an hour and a half to two hours getting x-rays, which was very frustrating. They decided to just put a splint on my mother's wrist instead, which is understandable, but she had to sit there for two and a half hours just for that, and then another half hour for paperwork. We left at 12:00AM. Super slow and rude people at DCH, it's ridiculous. I would not recommend this hospital to anyone, they were very unprofessional. Having to wait 3 hours with a painful broken wrist is unacceptable, it just doesn't make sense to me how this hospital functions this way. (a month ago)

Yesterday, I brought my teen aged son to DCHS with a broken toe. The triage nurse immediately put him in a wheel chair and took excellent care of him. After she evaluated him, she guided me to office where I presented insurance information, etc. while she brought him to the "walk-in clinic" area to start x-rays and treatment. The physician assistant and nurse who took care of him in that area were also very efficient and provided excellent care. They clearly explained what was going on and what we need to do going forward. We were in and out of there in less than 40 minutes. It was an excellent experience and I'm thankful for the great work that they did. (8 months ago)

We went to the hospital for my daughters injured ankle. We sat in the waiting room for almost 2 hours. The waiting room was completely full when we left but barely full when we arrived. When we finally were called to the back they said that we weren't supposed to be called back yet. One nurse said she thought they were going in order from who signed in first to last and the other nurse said they weren't doing that and that she had asked for a specific person. They gave my daughter a band and sent us to wait for another 5 or so minutes. When we got called to the back they started asking a series of very personal questions like are you safe at home, do you self harm, any thoughts of harming others? Are you vaccinated, do you go to school, any signs of pregnancy? Things that are no where near related to a sprained/broken/fractured ankle. They then proceeded to take an X-Ray. After they had the original doctor come in and say he didn't think anything was broken and that it may just be a sprain but we would have to get the other doctors insight. He said it could take from 2 minutes up to 2 hours before we knew if it was broken/fractured or just sprained. The whole experience was stressful and there were many people in the waiting room who needed urgent attention but had to wait for hours before they got it. I would not recommend this hospital to anyone. (4 months ago)

We went to get blood work and the registration was closed. The registration was being done in the emergency room. We went to the emergency room and the lady at the desk said that there were two people in front of us. This won’t take long... we thought. Over a 50 minutes of the waiting later I’m sitting here waiting writing this. As of now I don’t plan on ever coming to this place again. If I could rate this hospital with less than one star, I would. (6 months ago)

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