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Photo: Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center

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Desert Springs Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Clark County, NV.

Desert Springs Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Desert Springs Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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Slow service, when we call the doctor, he says he'll "be here in a second" but he doesn't come to help at all. Worst services ever, please improve. Edit: I would like to point out a doctor that has attempted to help my grandmother, not so sure if I should mention the name, but maybe it's in general so I won't mention the name. This is to mostly the whole staff, but aimed specifically at one doctor, i hope you know who you are. My grandmother was in the room and she needed to eat because she was hungry, they said they'd bring food into the room but they still didn't bring it after an hour or so. My grandmother needed to use the bathroom, "just a second" he said. He didn't come in until around 5-10 minutes? Also, please be more professional with your services, never coming to this hospital again, lucky we live on another state. All I'm saying is to improve your service, every patient matters. But from what I saw, you guys didn't give a damn about my ill grandmother. What a shame, what a shame. I would like to write more. So we asked the doctor like I said up there, to take my grandmother to the bathroom. He said one second, he worked on another patient, so I said "ah okay that's fine, all patients need treatment right?" Next thing I saw, made me very furious, the doctor was cutting up papers that were unnecessary, do they even know that holding in urine or waste is very unhealthy? Of course my grandmother could wait, but we've waited for at least 5 minutes, my mother had to tell my grandmother that he'll be here in a sec, still hasn't come by!! According to my mother, they haven't even asked if they needed anything! A better service hospital would've asked the patients if they were hungry or needed of any assistance, but obviously you guys arem't professional enough to even bother with helping. I'm no doctor of course, but even a 9 year old can see that the hospital's service is a bit off. I can go on and on about the terrible service at this hospital. I can even write a ten page essay on it, BET. (4 weeks ago)

This hospital is the worst .... They took blood 3 times gave my every unnecessary test under the sun just to fine out I was fine(to bill my insurance) ...Was in triage for 13 hrs with no food or water .. or Dr ...kept telling me we are waiting for a room and the doctor will go over what we have to do next IT NEVER HAPPENED IN 13 HOURS!!!!!..Spring Valley is in there network... NO to them too just as bad I am sure..Nothing but Filipino nurses everywhere .. That can't have a conversation without thinking they are right and dismissing your needs ... ..Had to discharge myself because it was such a bunch of BS to get no answers ...When the bill comes I will dispute ever unnecessary test that was giving ... Wont pay a penny !!!! ..The medical industry is a scam it's not at all about helping you It's about taking your money and masking the symptoms .. THE MONEY ISN'T IN THE CURE IT'S IN THE TREATMENT !!!! *** RESPONDING TO THE OWNER.. CLEAN YOUR DUMP OF A HOSPITAL UP YOUR REPUTATION IS TERRIBLE !!! DON'T JUST RESPOND TO UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS FIX THE PROBLEMS !!!! (3 weeks ago)

These people are great and did all they could for my little brother before he passed. I have never seen such a tentative staff and informative as well. Every nurse and doctor gave him the most attention and service they could. We got all the time we needed to say goodbye and I will forever be grateful. (a month ago)

Absolutely terrible experience at this hospital -- Last night was at a club in Vegas and believe I had my drink spiked. I have no recollection of getting to the hospital and just woke up still feeling very ill. I could just hear the nurses in the room bad mouthing a load of the patients. What's worse though is that they didn't do any real testing and were very rude. Clearly they realised I was British and thought I may not have the insurance to cover it so did one simple test, pumped some potassium into me, and then did nothing else! Later when I asked they told me though my blood alcohol content was relatively high, it wasn't likely enough to get me admitted. Thus they knew it was clearly likely I had been spiked but didn't even bother testing for drugs!! They also couldn't give me any information about why I came there, or what was wrong with me at all. Huge scam. (2 months ago)

I am so surprised by the poor service in this hospital. Out of everyone I have encountered that works here, with the exception of 2, are very very unprofessional and have poor bedside manners. What I saw and heard while in the emergency room was unacceptable. Some of the nurses have serious attitudes. The room I have been assigned to has not been cleaned and smells like urine and diarrhea. I asked 2 employees already if they would at least request that the garbage and old dirty linens be removed because the smell is making me nauseous, its been 2 hours and still nothing but weird looks. They ignore your questions and I had to ask for headache medicine 3 times. It's like they really don't care to care for the sick. Medical care cost too much to receive poor treatment when you are sick. Just like anyone else in the service business, you may not like your job but we still like to collect that paycheck. Ok it's later in the day and things are much better. Complete turn around. I must say that the nurse who started the morning shift, Kim got things in order. Me and my patient roommate gave her check when she first came in but honestly she helped us out tremendously and got us back on the right track. Someone should seriously evaluate the night shift. (a month ago)

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