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Photo: Desert Regional Medical Center

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Desert Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Riverside County, CA.

Desert Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Desert Regional Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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My daughter was at camp in Palm springs, when I received a call that she got ill. I drove 2 hours to see her and take her in to the hospital because she wanted us to take her in and not call an ambulance. while driving to her I had her on the phone in speaker, calming her down and telling her to call 911 if she felt like she couldn't wait for me any longer. I checked in to the nearest hospital at palm springs (Desert Regional Medical Center) RN that happened to be at front desk when I arrived was SO RUDE! I checked in and waited and waited to be seen and after 1 hour not seen by any doctor or any one in that matter, I left and took my daughter who was in so much pain. She was trying to stay clam and be patient. But this hospital is trashed out. One teen arrived with her mom very calm and looked around and saw there was allot of people waiting and she yelled and PRETENDED to be dying by screaming and fake crying and what did this OVER STAFFED with lazy people hospital do, they took her in before everyone else that was there waiting for hours to be seen. Because my daughter was not yelling or screaming it didn't mean she was not in severe pain. SO unprofessional!! I drove from Palm Springs to Riverside 1hour and 20 minutes to (Kaiser) where within less than 5 minutes my daughter was hooked to an IV and treated in a bed in the emergency room. The doctor came to see us like 3 times while there , they took blood test and urinalysis test and every result was given back to us within one hour of being there. It is worth every penny we pay for Kaiser they are so PROFESSIONAL! At Kaiser you don't see people walking around doing nothing and You see people really working hard on providing the care these ill patients deserve. Just they way they should be seen urgently in a EMERGENCY ROOM, it is called EMERGENCY for a reason. Instead of an emergency room this place walks around like it a regular medical office. If you work at a ER, be prepared. Not every medical group will be as professional as Kaiser Permanente, but every medical group should treat their patients they way they deserve. With URGENCY! And they should be seen a suitable time frame. The staff is so inconsiderate, they are laughing loudly among themselves while there is people ill who wants be be around people laughing while feeling ill. You work at a ER be considerate. (a week ago)

I m sharing this true story! Unbelievable how service in Emergency with doctors residents and orthopedic was bad. Multiple bone fractures in the foot, no dressing, no proper stabilisation, refusal to do MRI or CT scan which revealed 2 days after a worse injury than what was told in ER in this hospital. (We had to be treated in Canada way better). My mom is under shock how badly and sadly there was no care adequately provided. No proper examination, no ice, no dressing, no proper equipment to support multiple bones fractures in a foot. I never had such a bad experience. We got to hotel and almost all residents asked, were talking about how bad the care was in this hospital. We had full international insurance to cover all, and they simply left my mom with a ridiculous « padded soft wrap type boot that does nothing than ridiculous. To all tourist think twice, I m a doctor and I almost lost conscious about how I had to ask to provide proper care. My mother is left shocked about USA service in healthcare. I would hire any lawyer in this world to make it right for my mom! I left them a message to patient relation today to call me and hope they know that I m giving them a chance to fix this hell issue. (in the last week)

I want to say thank you to the wonderful nurses and therapists at your hospital. I was a patient on the evening of March 7 recovering from hip replacement surgery that morning for the second time actually as I had my other hip replaced two years ago. Your staff are special indeed very friendly, caring and thoughtful as they work together . I felt a level of comfort when I sensed that everyone is getting along, being very professional and thoughtful. Thank you to all for your kind care. (2 months ago)

Emergency room complaint: My daughter was brought to the ER after suffering a stroke, blood clot in the brain and AVM , her friends expressed to the staff at the front desk how urgent she needed to be seen and she was not brought back to the ER for over a half an hour. Then last night, she had a seizure and was brought into the ER, again was not brought back to the treatment area after her boyfriend was begging for help. The front desk staff and security guard told him she was fine and would have to wait. In the meantime my daughter is having a seizure in the waiting room and the people in the waiting room are yelling at the front office staff to take her back. My daughter has grand maul seizures and stops breathing, after 10 minutes they took her to the treatment area. When does a hospital consider a grand maul seizure not an emergency. (2 months ago)

Dr actually refused to provide service to a patient with acute back pain. Wouldn’t provide tests or even provide medication for pain or a muscle relaxant. A resident thinking she knows everything. Go to an ER that cares. (a month ago)

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