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DENVER, CO 80204

Discover more about Denver Health, one of Colorado's premier healthcare institutions and home to the Region's Level I Trauma Center.

Denver Health Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Denver County, CO.

Denver Health Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Denver Health Medical Center is a government - state hospital.

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Nice people however, a good doctor would run a blood check, find deficiencies in the patient then give them vitamins, not coca cola and candy like this place. Seriously guys get your stuff together. I'm a stoner and I know more about mental health than these doctors. either that or they just don't care. That is an actual fact. Don't take this as me being an ass hole, please just fix it for the sake of people's lives. Give your patients with psychological problems proper diet and nutrition and find out what the problem is and actually deal with it besides giving drugs right away. Test their hydration levels. I understand drugs can be good for chemical balance, but they can be balanced without. Have safe exercise equipment for certain patients. This is the most logical protocol.. I will change this review to 5 stars if you can explain to me why the emergency health center doesn't apply this basic practice. Just get vitamins, it's not that hard, do injections or alternative surplus methods. Let's swallow our pride and make the world a better place! Take these suggestions to heart. (a week ago)

I'm a single father of 3. I have been having major back problems for years. I've been getting the run around about everything. I've had to do things that have only made things worse. Now I'm being told that this place is going to start charging a copay. I'VE NEVER HAD A COPAY. Don't think I'll ever come here again after today. If you have a choice, GO ANYWHERE ELSE. You'll be treated better & more like a person than a paycheck. (a week ago)

To start off, the nurses are really nice and it’s a pleasant atmosphere. That being said, everything after is horrible. Came into the ER for a broken foot. First plaster cast became loose within a day and caused horrible sores on my ankle from the plaster rubbing. I went back into the ER(only way I could apparently get the cast redone). They put on a fiberglass cast and we’re confused why fiberglass wasn’t used to begin with. Then came the checkups. So obviously check up appointments are important. I scheduled one since I did not get a phone call within the given week they said they would. I get a call a week later that the appointment was canceled and that they would call me to setup an appointment. Fast forward two weeks, no phone call or anything. I call back to schedule an appointment and the earliest they have is 4 weeks out! My checkup was supposed to be 2 weeks after the cast was put on to make sure everything was healing in the correct place. Really disappointed with their whole appointment system and the fact you can’t speak to an actual nurse or doctor from the orthopedic wing. UPDATE: After I complained to their support line. They did call back and scheduled me within 3 days. So that was great :) saved me almost 3 weeks. (in the last week)

Took my friend here to be treated for a terrible anxiety attack after he experienced huge loss in his life. They treated him like he was drug addicted. They asked over and over what drugs he took. They told him to try yoga after laughing together. I've never seen such terrible people. Nevermind the fact they are supposed to be professionals. This would never be allowed in my industry.Local mental health advocacy groups know about this and many other related issues at Denver hospital and ask us to please consider Rose hospital for these needs instead. I hope this helps someone in need. If you are suffering you can always reach out to Mental Health Center of Denver. They will make sure you get help and advice right away. Please keep your chin up. I want the world for you and I am cheering for your success (a month ago)

I was impressed with my treatment at Denver Health (especially in comparison to Lutheran Medical where I overheard staff saying “I hope she dies” regarding another patient and none of their staff seemed like they liked their jobs ). At Denver Health I was treated right away from the emergency room due to heart condition, got an eeg within 30 min. and was sent back within 45. Got an IV in right away and all staff acted like they actually cared. The resident doctor seemed like she was actually listening to was amazing. Even though my low heart rate in the 30’s didn’t require treatment they made me feel like I wasn’t wasting their time and fully educated me on symptoms with my condition and medications. (2 months ago)

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