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1501 E 3RD STREET, DELTA, CO 81416
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DELTA, CO 81416

Welcome to Delta, Colorado! Welcome to Delta County Memorial Hospital Delta County Memorial Hospital provides general medical and surgical care for inpatient, ...

Delta County Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Delta County, CO.

Delta County Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Delta County Memorial Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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Just had such a good experience at our Delta Hospital. The ER doctor put us at ease right away. His informative advice was so appreciated . From the front desk lady to the nurses were caring and professional. Thank you for all you do for our community !!! I am grateful we have this Hospital and the people who serve us all :) Saturday January 6 2018 (6 months ago)

My stay here has been a good experience. Great staff well equipped. If I needed something did not have to wait long at all and they were there. Thanks to all of you. (5 months ago)

I absolutely loved the staff at this hospital. I recently had surgery there and the nurses were kind and very attentive. The room was so clean and everything was well maintained. I didn't like my Doctor but that had nothing to do with the excellent service and compassionate care I got from everyone else. Thank you Delta Hospital for everything you did for me. (10 months ago)

My wife went in for an X-ray first on her lower back. Insurance required and X-ray first then she could have the MRI. That is the stupid gate keeping and money making that all these places do. Even if a DR orders the MRI one must first get the X-ray. The Xray cost over $800. Insurance (joke as it is) discounted it to $680. The MRI cost $2791.75 and having the joke of an insurance called Anthem took it down to $2200. This DOES NOT include the radiologists fees for reading the images (X-ray nor MRI). Now more visits to the DR as to what to do with my wife will follow. And, the actual help she needs (no surgery, no meds will fix her situation) will not be covered by Anthem since massage, chiropractic, and physical therapy are not covered by Anthem's lame ass plans that they offer. Long and short of all this is to wake up and smell the ripoff of all involved in health care. This hospital in Delta is included in that list of money grubbers. They may be voted #1 rural hospital for the last two years but I will not go there again with myself or any family member. Take a look at their fair practices page that lists all their services and the fees charged. Outrageous prices. Just for laughs I am going to send a copy to my friends in Germany. My daughter was born at DCMH and it costs us under $1000 19 years ago. It is almost $10K now. A new knee (just the hospital costs) is over $45K!!. The lowest available health insurance that is available to us on the western slope is Anthem's bronze plan which costs us $31000 per year and it is basically unusable . We are all getting the shaft. It is not the feds directly, it is the insurance, health care providers, and the pharma wanting max money from you. They are running the show. Hell, the politicians are in the pockets of all these grubbers and won't limit their prices like they do with utilities and other industries!!!! (4 months ago)

Disgusted that they would fire the very few female Ob/gyn doctors (more than one FEMALE doctor was fired) in the valley! Wow, absolutely disappointed (4 months ago)

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