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Dekalb Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Dekalb County, GA.

Dekalb Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Dekalb Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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If I could give no stars I would! The level of disrespect and unprofessionalism is outrageous. The reception and registration employees were rude and acted as if they didn't want to be bothered. All they wanted to do was talk to each other (even about the patients) complain about how they were ready to go home, check their phones and eat/drink vending machine snacks.. I came in the ER at 11:05pm with a pain level of "8" on a scale of 1-10 here it is 5:00 AM!! Now I'm being told by the reception area staff that they're out of beds.... mind you, I was being told that I was next to be called 2 hours ago. About 10 people that came after me were called to a room. The "RN Wayne" was SO RUDE and he talked to myself and others as if we were uninvited guest at his home. He even walked off without giving me the contact information I requested to file a complaint. Please require all staff to take customer service/professional training or get a entire new wait room staff. Maybe even hire a secret patient to observe the area WITHOUT notifying staff. (a week ago)

went to the hospital (dekalb medical), last night because my tonsils are swollen & they swabbed my throat for strep throat, it came back negative.. BUT the doctor came in the room and said "your test came back negative, BUT we're going to treat you like you have strep throat, we're going to give you three medicines to help" I looked at him like he was a complete idiot, I asked him as well as two other doctors "why are you treating me & giving me medicine for something that i don't have" why is it that there is NOTHING wrong with my throat (THEY CONFIRMED) but yet you're prescribing me medicine and want me to Take these three medicines for something that isn't remotely wrong with me. basically saying "we going to cure your pretend illness" instead of them saying "okay, since its not strep throat, we're gonna see what else the problem is" no they didn't say that, instead they just threw medicine in my face, THIS is why a lot of people abuse prescription drugs. this is why people abuse OTC drugs. I now have three medicines that are not going to benefit me in any type of way in my possession. so. here we are, I'm trying to figure out what to do. my tonsils got worse overnight, my doctor isn't open until tomorrow, but i have three medicines that I don't need 😊 Thanks DeKalb medical. you've helped me so much (a week ago)

came in because had a deep gash on my thumb right on top the first knuckle closest to your hand. Told me all I needed was 3 stitches (which they charge me $500 dollars for). The african lady who checks you and gives you a band or whatever before you go see the doctor is Rude (not intentionally I think just to ignorant and blunt to be working in a hospital) So the wound heals and now I see I actually LOST mobility in my thumb i can no longer make a thumbs up or raise my thumb all the way up and I still have a wee bit of pain 3 months later. So they really misdiagnosed my injury since it's apparent I needed more then stitches Not to mention by the time I was about to get treatment(3 hours waiting) I had been waiting so long I was about to fall asleep from all the pain. I seriously considered walking out the hospital with my wound due to how long it took me to get stitched up and the fact the pain was really setting in. They stick you in a room and make you wait 20 minutes at least for everything for every room they stick you in. And a male nurse actually made fun of me because I almost passed out from the stitches(I should have cursed him out but was probably out of it from the whole ordeal), great hospitality DeKalb medical! (3 weeks ago)

Dr. Reuben was so kind and gentle. Very respectful and amazing bedside manners. HOWEVER, Stephanie was not! She had on blue Scruggs today (2/19) and her tag said BSN. We visited the emergency room around 10 am and left early afternoon. She was rude and unprofessional at the least while delivering results to my dad. She would not let my mom ask any questions and when my mom tried she cut her off and turned her back! She told my mom she could not see the doctor to ask any questions about what he had previously told my dad. This is UNACCEPTABLE! This is a hospital with loved ones who are sick or hurt! If you cannot be respectful and professional then you need to find another job! A job where you aren’t dealing with sensitive subjects or working with patients! I heard the entire thing over the phone and she is LUCKY! I was not there to curse her butt out for disrespecting my parents! For someone to come in with high blood pressure and to leave upset (which is not good for someone with high blood pressure) is beyond unacceptable and unprofessional. She also broke protocol by not adhearing to the patient privacy rules as Raynell and Dr. Reuben did. She needs to be written up and or fired! I will be filing a complaint. (a month ago)

Wife went to ER, hospital was clean, staff was polite and went fairly quickly. Had an issue upon checking in but a senior staff member handled it promptly. Was unusually cold in there but otherwise great experience. (2 months ago)

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