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AUBURN, IN 46706

DeKalb Health is a not-for-profit independent healthcare facility dedicated to providing high quality healthcare services to the citizens in and around DeKalb.

Dekalb Health is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in De Kalb County, IN.

Dekalb Health does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Dekalb Health is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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.......A worthless and useless "medical staff" on day appears that their is no supervision of any of this hospital's "nurses", or "medical staff". ........It also appears that their are no "doctors" on duty at this hospital either, as I asked the "nurse" several times to see a "doctor". .........I have observed the "nurses" , just sitting behind the desk , doing nothing.......they appeared like "zombies" starring in space, and did not seem to care about anything,or patient care. .......And responding to Dekalb Hospital's "reply".........Yes, my review is very accurate, and should not be "puzzling" at all , unless you are trying to "cover-up" something about your substandard "medical staff". .......You have to "admit" that the reviews are not good, as their are many 1 star reviews from honest people, who are very concerned...........I would suggest instead of blaming patients and their families for bad reviews , you should improve ,and supervise your staff. .......And I will remind you ,just in case you are not "happy", with my review, the 1st Amendment right of the US Constitution , protects freedom of speech. (2 weeks ago)

If doctor AJ is your doctor in the ER just turn around and run. My fiance went there last night after being in Parkview last Saturday and was told by Parkview hospital and his family doctor he has blockages in his lungs, doctor AJ says he does not. Send him home for "inflammation of the airways" go back tonight because he had a golf ball size knot on his chest he rubbed it and it went back in and then he felt as if he was choking so we went in. Dr AJ told him it was anxiety and he was making himself think he had a lump. No idiot I personally seen in and I can still feel it after leaving the ER. He said the best he could do was give him medicine for anxiety so we left. (a month ago)

New pedestrian walkway at the back of the DeKalb hospital? More like extended parking lot. People who walk, use wheelchairs and bicycle use that sidewalk to keep from actually having to walk on the dangerous Wesley Rd. I do have a picture to share of a long truck with a hitch taking up most of the sidewalk as well as other people who just dont care but can't seem to post the pictures. Still a shame that so much money was spent so automobiles can always have right of way. Just like every other danger zone here in Auburn, someone has to get hurt before anyone will care. (a month ago)

I honesty wish zero stars was an option. My fiancée went to the ER after she cut off part of her finger on a machine at work. She called me from the ambulance and I got there shortly after she did. I go in and tell them who I’m looking for and the lady tells me to get away from her desk. Okay rude. So I sit down in the ER lobby and wait. Over 20 minutes goes by and I go back up to figure out why they won’t let me be with my fiancée. The response I got was horrendous. “Well the doctor doesn’t want you getting in his god damn way. Now go sit back down lady”. Another ten minutes go by and it’s shift change. Once I see the rude employee leave for sure, I go back up to the desk and once again explain my situation. Not even five minutes after they call me back to go be with my fiancée. She’s crying and shaking due to the pain and her anxiety. I demand that the nurse tell me what had happened in the time I was locked out of the ER room. He explained that the doctor got X-rays and numbed the nerves in her finger and that he would be back within a few minutes to explain what would happen next. It took him over an hour. He comes back in eventually and he says “okay you’re free to go.” Okay but there’s an open wound with exposed bone. You don’t think you should probably close it or seal it at all? He goes on to mention that there is only one orthopedic surgeon on call for the greater Fort Wayne area and that they would have to close the wound and that he does not know how. Really? He then told us to go to this surgeon down in Fort Wayne at an office down by DuPont Hospital. But we would have to wait until they open at 7:00 am. At this point it was midnight. So we had to wait 7 hours to go to see this surgeon. They wrapped up her finger with nothing but a roll of gauze and handed her a prescription for glorified Tylenol and some antibiotics that we couldn’t get. You know. Since it was midnight and all. And told her to take it easy. Neither one of us slept at all that night. So we get down to the “surgeons office” the next morning and it’s literally just a walk in clinic. He said he would have an appointment set up for us when we got there and there was nothing. He didn’t even send in a copy of the X-rays. A nurse practitioner comes in to take a look at the wound and the dude looks horrified at what he saw. So he calls in a surgeon and they schedule a surgery for her. I don’t even think the clinic down by DuPont ever got the X-rays or anything from DeKalb ER. Way to go, DeKalb. Keep dropping that ball. (2 months ago)

This Brad Meadows fella seems like he only goes to the hospitals for some reason specifically. He has been to this hospital and Parkview Noble and wrote bad reviews. Not sure what this guys standards are but everyone is going to have good and bad reviews at places sometime or another. Everyone needs to take into consideration that the most urgent and important patients will come first. You may not be able to see behind doors but they could have patients back there in 12 rooms but you think you are the only ones there because your alone in the waiting room. Please think outside the box if you work in the medical field or any field that deals with people one on one you know it is very hard to please everyone. I do not work int he medical field but do deal with people everyday day face to face and there are people that are very pleased when they leave and sometimes mad. Take it as a training course and learn from mistakes and how to do things better! I have dealt with Dekalb Health on many occasions and not every visit has been the best but I take into consideration that there could be others that are in far worse shape than myself and need help first. I love all the staff and doctors that work there. Thank you for all your services you have done for me and my family over the years. (5 months ago)

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