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Includes inpatient care, outpatient services, women's center, oncology, RehabAccess, and emergency services.

Decatur Morgan Hospital-Decatur Campus is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Morgan County, AL.

Decatur Morgan Hospital-Decatur Campus does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Decatur Morgan Hospital-Decatur Campus is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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The doctor was really cold and borderline just mean. There is no real therapy, just stupid little worksheets and dumb group activities that don't help anything and people gathering information on you to decide what medicine you need to be on. Every day is the same, it's so boring and it feels like jail. They also diagnosed me with something I don't have so they could get paid. This was one of the worst experiences of my life. (a month ago)

The staff are rude and ugly to visitors. I wanted info about my child they said it's none of my business and repeatedly hung the phone up. When I was able to talk to my child she told me about the staff throwing thing at children and cussing at them (3 months ago)

The staff are very very rude. My family member was put In there because of some issues she was having, the staff was constantly trying to pick I fight with her which in turn made her more angry and agitated. Plus they stated that they were going have keep her for undisclosed time. My family member also had personal issue and called us to state what she needed to take care of herself , after that I called back just to ask her if she needed anything else to take care herself the nurse was just flat out rude and hateful. The nurse just refused to let me even ask her. This place is awful and I wouldn't put a dog in there. (8 months ago)

Hate your kids? Put them here. I sent my child here and she hated it. She says it made her feel like she wanted to die much more. So do not send your kid here EVER. My child said everyone around her was sad and also they HATE your child and never want them to go home. They were gonna keep her there FOREVER and she also said staff was SUPER untrustworthy. (11 months ago)

I been there 7 times already The staff are nice but the doctor gave me the wrong meds.. I know that sounds stupid But there the reason why I have a memory problem I mean I followed the rules I liked the staff but not the doctors They acted like they didn't care In this case I didn't care ether I just wanted to go home. But there were some nurses that told me I would never go home then laughed While I was in that cell room for not following a rule. I was very tired because im use to falling asleep at random times But he kept laughing saying im not gonna leave Im not gonna leave then I left 3 days after It seemed Alli had to do was pretend to be normal by acting like the nurses But till this day I still think about the others that went there and if they were treated right or wrong The art teachers were nice and so was the reading teacher with his books But other then that There were times I seen the back door wide open like someone could escape I told the nurse before anyone seen it because I mean Letting people get out.. The food was small and we were allowed to get seconds By all means it was really nice But again the doctors its always the doctors.. I told some of the new doctors what happened and they asked if I even had any problems I told them no and shown them! They had me put the next day while the other doctors were mad. Till this day I wonder if the place is the same or not All I can remember other wise from there Is a nude guy standing in the door way A fun gym with a piano And this one time the nurses let us go outside to play in the snow As long as we promised not to run off. But when I first went there I was told if I had any questions please ask the attendant but after I went through the door I wasn't allowed to speak to her After I went to the door everyone changed from happy to irritated Like they liked and said I'll be ok.... The beds are nice and so are the rooms but if you mess up 1time it goes all the way down hill for you. And I mean completely down hill I have a short term memory problem because of them. Yeah you guys would like sending your kids here if you wanted to break them mentally and rebuild them in to a scary normal ducking child I mean seriously I maybe one person but listen to the one voice because it speaks to many. (10 months ago)

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