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Founded in 1922, Decatur County Memorial Hospital has provided a wide range of valuable services to the community. To learn more about our history, management and ...

Decatur County Memorial Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Decatur County, IN.

Decatur County Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Decatur County Memorial Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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The hospital doesn’t have any family doctors in the building. They do have a clinic behind the hospital. So if you go to that clinic and then get sent for an X Ray they consider it 2 visits to the hospital. Then they bill you as a second visit. That’s ridiculous and a way to abuse the healthcare system to make more money. This hospital is contributing to the high cost of medical insurance as well as service. I am very disappointed with their greed. On the other side the staff that I interacted with seemed nice and helpful. (2 months ago)

Now that Dr Danielle Turnak of The Decatur County Pain Management has released me from pain management I can finally come out and say this she has screwed my back up worse than it was before I'm in worse pain and in constant pain now. While I'm sitting more than 2 minutes my legs go completely numb most of the time I have 2 use something 2 help me stay standing. When I can I have a heating pad on my back so if anyone goes 2 her you better not let her stick a needle in your back (a month ago)

I went to the emergency room on two different occasions and Dr. Raul Lupia HARDLY checks his patients. I hate putting his name out like that but SAVE YOUR MONEY! Request a doctor that isn’t him. My mother got REALLY sick because he literally sent her home saying there was nothing wrong. All he did was check her lymphnodes. My boyfriend went in extremely sick and he didn’t do anything for him either. He was in there less than two minutes for the check up and we waited 20 minutes for him to give us a paper for his prescription(they didn’t seems busy but I can’t know that for sure) which had traces of penicillin and which he is EXTREMELY allergic to. Request a different doctor if you would like to be throughly checked. The rest of the stuff did lovely. (3 months ago)

This hospital is awful! Went to get a preoperative EKG and they said they are short staffed and couldn't do the EKG today. That is just totally unacceptable. Avoid this hospital! If you need to go to a hospital, go to Columbus or Indianapolis. I would leave no stars if possible. They would get an honest -2 stars. Also when my son broke his elbow they took x-rays and then said they didn't have any doctor that could do the reduction. Then a second time my son broke his ankle and again they took x-rays and determined they didn't have anyone who could do that reduction. They did nothing, no temp cast, no pain medication. Save yourself time and go to Riley in Indianapolis or just contact Southern Indiana orthopedics. Both Dr. Federle and Dr. Chambers are awesome! All the Greensburg doctors are tied to the hospital, and the hospital IT team needs to up their game so the patient portal website works properly! I recently had shoulder problem (they said I had torn tendons and got a call from the doctor wanting to schedule me for shoulder surgery at the hospital. I saw Federle at SIO and he gave me a cortisone shot and the shoulder is fine now without surgery. (a month ago)

The bottom rung of the staff is ok but the upper echelon of the hospital are awful. Went to the ER when my 4 year fell and told me he broke his arm. MY 4 YEAR OLD KNEW HIS ARM WAS BROKEN. Went to get an X-ray and was told he didn’t have a break in his humerus. Got a 2nd opinion and bam! Clear as day on the X-ray was a clear break in his humerus. Your pay scale in the place is what determines how they treat you. (4 months ago)

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