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PUTNAM, CT 06260

Day Kimball Healthcare is Northeast Connecticut's premier provider of integrated healthcare services comprised of Day Kimball Hospital, HomeCare & HomeMakers ...

Day Kimball Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Windham County, CT.

Day Kimball Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Day Kimball Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Gave one star, only because I had to. 0 stars! Went for a horrible Crohn's flair, with my symptoms being severe abdominal pain, and lower back. I'm talking, in tears pain. Lightheaded and bla out spells, shortness of breath, not been able to eat in weeks, diahareah, and weakness. They gave me nothing for pain, and told me they talked to my gi specialist, and booked an appointment for 3 days from then. When I was discharged, I called my specialist who said, he never said that and he was booked that entire week. I then later passed out when I got home. Thanks day killem! (3 weeks ago)

We've been here twice for when our two children were born. The two stars that we're giving are for the staff: all the nurses, doctors, and other support staff we've interacted with have always had great bedside manner, were extremely compassionate and caring, extremely attentive, and seemed willing to go to the ends of the Earth to care for my family. Never have we received such wonderful service - the DKH Birthing Center staff should be proud of themselves - truly top notch. The reason I'm only giving two stars however is due to the horrific layout of this hospital. It seems like the person who was in charge of deciding the flow of traffic both in the parking lot and in the halls of the hospital has no idea what they're doing. Driving through the parking lot, it's a maze to make sense of all the different one-ways. You can be 20 feet from the exit, but have to drive all the way around the building in order to exit the parking lot. There are only a handful of spaces for patients at the Birthing Center, and they are almost always full. That would be okay, if there were a way to access the Birthing Center easily from the other parking lots - but there's not. If you walk in the main entrance, there's no signs for the Birthing Center - you have to stumble through the halls and hope to God you somehow accidentally find elevator B. And that's only allowed if it's a weekday - if it's the weekend, you're out of luck. My one year-old daughter and I were there on the weekend, and so we had to walk through the icy parking lot and negative temperatures with no sidewalks through the blind turns and hope we don't fall and break our neck and get run over by some car speeding around the turn. This was truly dangerous. I asked the staff if there was some way to access the Birthing Center through the hospital, and they confirmed that there isn't on the weekends. During the week, when you do manage to access the Birthing Center through the halls, there's actually a caveat where you can't go back the way you came. You can get TO the birthing center from the faraway parking lot, but to get back to the parking lot, the doors are locked, and you are again forced out into the cold and ice with no sidewalks in the blind turns. Why would you only be able to go one way and not the other?? Because the person in charge of these decisions has no clue what they're doing. If you want to leave the Birthing Center and go to the cafeteria, guess what: that's right, outside you go again. You can go from the cafeteria to the Birthing Center through the halls, but not the other way. So, to conclude: the staff is amazing, but the coordination of the halls and parking lot are truly the most illogical and insane thing I've ever seen an organization of this size do. They're truly out-of-touch with the needs and the flow of the patients and their visitors, and it's shameful that they refuse to change and force people to walk so far through dangerous conditions for no logical reason. If you have a choice, I would recommend you choose a hospital that has their act together a little more. (6 months ago)

This has to be the the worst hospital we have ever used my husband was sent there to emergency from rehab he was really confused and holding his head and saying it hurt. They sent him back to rehab just cutting the medications in half. They never did a cat scan and he actually had a subdural hematoma on both sides of his brain. I wouldn't recommend this hospital if you need critical care. (a month ago)

I was visiting this hospital on Tuesday April 24, 2018. My grandma was in the ICU and not one nurse or doctor used purell before they came in the room. I work at Backus Hospital and we push all the doctors nurses and all employees to use purell before they walk into a patient room to protect themselves and they patient. We have purell dispensers outside of every room and it non touch activated. At Day Kimball it is not like that. The neuro doctor that came in and did some tests on my grandma used a certain tool and was rubbing it on her feet and her arms and then put the tool back in her bag without wiping it off, which I thought was very unsanitary. It got me thinking if she wiped if off after the last patient she saw. This hospital doesn't seem to care about the safety of the patients and protecting them from getting sick. The cleaners at day Kimball also did not do a thorough job at cleaning the bed of the patient that left next to my grandma, she did not dust and not mop the floor. (2 months ago)

I have arrived at the hospital by ambulance a couple of times. I was treated so well. I have no problems when I go there. Where I really rate a five plus would be the wound center. Dr Colesin is amazing. Very professional but very gentle and kind at the same time. He has been treating my feet for some time now. The nurses at the wound care should all get accommodations. Just love everyone. They too care so much. I feel very confident that the wound care and personal will get rid of my last ulcer. I could just keep going but hopefully I have made it an easy decision as to where to go for wound care. Good luck all and thanks for listening. Hope this helps someone. (11 months ago)

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