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ELKINS, WV 26241

Offers healthcare and services at hospitals and centers in Randolph, Barbour, Tucker, Upshur and Pocahontas Counties. View services and contact information.

Davis Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Randolph County, WV.

Davis Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Davis Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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On one of my trips to Intel Folsom, I got very sick and then hospitalized for a week. The UC Davis Medical Center is an excellent hospital. My initial care in the emergency department was thorough, even though it took about eight hours. The hospital staff were kind and professional. (in the last week)

Two stars because of the nurses. They are kind and work very hard. I had to switch to another provider because I couldn't get the care I need. Through my new provider I was able to see my doctor the next day, she listened to me, made a follow up appointment while I was in her office and called me later that day with the information I needed. The difference in care is like night and day. I would recommend looking elsewhere if you actually have medical concerns. I didn't trust the doctor I saw at Davis to look out for me at all. All follow up calls were through assistants and she never read my chart. I know doctors are overworked, but it is your health, so find someone competent in spite of that. (2 weeks ago)

My teen daughter was shuffled around from specialist to specialist. No follow through, no consistancy, and no communication. We have hundreds of medical records, and each one contradicting the next. They've made our life hell. They threw out one diagnosis, and gave up. Biggest regret? allowing it to go on as long as I did. ( I can thank C.C.S. for that) She can't get those years back. The best Doctor's we'd seen there, had left, not surprised. The one star, is for the Nurses, who almost always save the day. (in the last week)

This hospital reminds me of a 3rd world hospital, patients in chair strewn all over the floors, patients crying/screaming from their rooms, etc while staff is standing around at the nurses station watching some video on their cell phone. I had the unfortunate aspect of having surgery at this facility, my family actually came in and got me discharged as they were very concern that the lack of patient care was going to kill me. UC Davis has a abnormally high rate of post-op deaths, complications and complaints as compared state and nation-wide. Figure UC Davis are just a bunch of public employees and they act like it, my stay at UC Davis was like having healthcare passed out by a DMV employee. UC Davis' lack of post-op treatment and care caused me a blood-clot and ensuing heart-attack. If you care for your loved one who is unfortunately needing medical care, get them transfer to a different medical facility else guarantee UC Davis will do more harm than good. (2 weeks ago)

Unethical doctors and nurses! A family member's feeding tube was removed off without doctor's permission, and when investigation was done by concerned family members, the morning nurse who took the feeding tube off blatantly lied and said the "patient took it off". Imagine that! Thankfully Charge nurse confirmed that it WASN'T the patient who took it off, but it was the morning nurse! Little do these incompetent staff at UC David Medical Center know that the patient involved is a very important person, patient is loved by a huge community and a very loving family! One thing for sure, lawyers are lined up and there's a serious lawsuit in the works, this is solely for one reason only, and that is to prevent other current and future patients to go through this same horrible experience. Shame on the doctors and nurses at UC Davis! See you in court, everything is documented and detailed! (3 months ago)

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