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Danbury Hospital is one of three members of the Western Connecticut Health Network, a hospital group dedicated to a higher level of care.

Danbury Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Fairfield County, CT.

Danbury Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Danbury Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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My husband has had 2 hip replacement surgeries at DH. Both good experiences with Sanja Gupta. We loved the private room post surgery. Our son was on the oncology floor for weeks and for the most part received excellent care. There’s alway outstanding staff you feel so grateful for and few who are in the wrong field of work. Dr. Cooper was the absolute wonderful doctor who has since retired. The food was good. The menu was great. DH emergency room is awful. Dr. Black gave me two totally wrong diagnosis the two times I was there by ambulance. DH also sent our son home 2 x when in reality he had stage 2 brain cancer and we didn’t know for months later when I insisted on an mri. Of course we went to Sloan after that. All in all I’m grateful the hospital is close by. Bottom line is YOU have to manage your health care. (in the last week)

The staff there nurses are deplorable. Try learning ENGLISH! They left my mother without her ativan because they don't want to do the paper work she is 70 plus years old had a concussion and was agitated when they Told her she needed to go to a home! She is still in there so to speak and was restless due to losing her home of 40 years! THE LACK OF COMPASSION IS ASTOUNDING ! DO NOT CHOOSE THIS HOSPITAL OR ITS AFFILIATES GOO TO NEW YORK INSTEAD OR ELSEWHERE IN CT! (a month ago)

Had my 2nd baby here after New Milford Hospital closed. NEVER AGAIN. You’re nothing but a patient number and dollar signs. First, it was a revolving door of unannounced visitors (students) in the delivery room even after my birthing plan stated I didn’t want that. Then the revolving door continued as nurses and other staff came in to check you and take the baby. Family who was visiting was interrupted several times by people wanting to take the baby. So Annoying. I wish they could do everything while in the room like New Milford hospital had done. New Milford nurses also came in, in the morning, and let us know what to expect to for day (this way it didn’t seem like a revolving door of unannounced ‘guests’) I guess New Milford set the bar pretty high for me, especially when it came to the meals. Where NM offered generous portions, Danbury’s were more like toddler size portions-no exaggeration. I couldn’t wait to get out of there and get home to destress. We checked out early. (a week ago)

This place sucks. No one wants to help you during the day. Only when the night shift comes on after 5 pm do you get any help. If I could give this Hospital a negative 10, I would. (a month ago)

The emergency room, is one of the seven circles of hell, if you survive it..the Hospital itself is great,... The emergency room should be completely restructured the entire staff should be relieved of their duties, I'm sure there are probably a good one or two in there, but the only way to get that place back on track is to get rid of everyone ...maybe they've forgotten what aa hospital E R is supposed to be .. for actual emergencies, there is absolutely no triage, or prioritization by severity of injury, . you'll rarely find Danbury emergency room full of emergencies ..but flu shots and school shots and the surprising number of people who walked into doors if you know what I'm saying.... Social Services gets a workout, as does financial aid, something that shouldn't even be in the same Department.... If you are suffering in pain and really injured,,.. hang on to your hat cuz you'll suffer when you get there... * three times I went there with my left arm numb and was sent away ..the last time with some bald-headed idiot doctor screaming in my face.. WHY ARE YOU HERE. !!!! .. After menacing & threatening me they did absolutely nothing to treat me and security escorted me out... it turned out that I had had a massive heart attack and .. thank God Kathleen D'orso..APRN.. Western Connecticut Medical Group Mount Pleasant.. in Newtown, had the good sense to give me an EKG to find a branch bundle block.. I had two blocked arteries and ventricular fibrillation, and I am lucky I survived the emergency room,.. the only time I will ever go to that place again is unconscious horizontal.. and hopefully they won't lose my body, that place is a death trap... Steer clear of the ER at all cost ..go directly to the satellite offices . where they'll refer you to the correct specialist, Danbury Hospital has great specialist, the Duracell Center is fantastic the cardiac department is fantastic gastroenterology department is fantastic... The ER is a death trap. heed my warning stay away from that place you risk your life.. .. abandon all hope, ye who enter here (in the last week)

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