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Dallas Regional Medical Center provides top medical care, excellent patient support, and state-of-the-art treatment options. Learn more about our Mesquite medical center!

Dallas Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Dallas County, TX.

Dallas Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Dallas Regional Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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I didn't once feel like I needed to prove my health or lack thereof, the doctor looked thoroughly into my concerns and found more than I expected. After the results, he went through each page and explained each test result to me. The nurses who took care of me were extremely friendly and very caring. Best experience I've ever had in any medical situation. (a month ago)

Triaging process definitely needs to be reviewed and revamped. I visited the ER at this hospital for the second time today. Both times I waited over 3 hours before I eventually told them to remove my name from the waiting list. I then went to Baylor and was triaged and seen in half the time. To top it all off, the front counter was extremely rude and not just to me...there was an elderly lady who was just discharged begging to speak to a nurse about the new prescription she was given. The lady at the front desk handed the prescrption back to her and said "there is nothing I can do with this". This hospital Is the closest ER to my house but I rather travel further out to avoid going back to this hospital EVER!! (a month ago)

HORRIBLE HOSPITAL! I do not know how they are still operating with all of these bad reviews. My review is for the labor and delivery area. I went to stay overnight with my sister while she was being induced. I went so she wouldn't be alone and so I could help her with whatever she needed. I understand that's what the nurses are there for, but I know they have other patients to tend to. My sister was getting up to use the restroom trying to hold her gown closed from behind and trying to push her IV stand at the same time. I got behind her and said I would push the stand and the nurse put her hand on my should and stopped me from helping her. She said, "she can do it herself. She has done this before." It made me angry because she physically prevented me from helping my sister. I'm aware that she can do it on her own but I wanted to help her because she was in pain. In the morning, I asked for ice for my sister and no one ever came after 30 minutes of waiting, so I went to the front desk and asked if they could tell me where the machine is so I could get it (i asked veey politely) the nurse at the desk said, "we will get it when we can, we have other things we are trying to do right now." 10 minutes later I see the same nurse just sitting there talking and laughing. 20 minutes goes by so I finally leave to sonic and ordered a large cup of ice. When putting in her epidural we were kicked out and not allowed in the room. 20 minutes goes by and we asked to go in and the lady at the desk said that we couldn't yet because the nurse and doctor were in there. We said we could see the doctor and nurse sitting in front of their computers.. the lady then said "well we have to make sure there aren't any complications." My mom said, "I was just checking because I've never been kicked out for an epidural before." Then the lady said, "well every place is different." We waited a whole hour before being able to see her. Basically, horrible customer service, patients needs do not come first, and they are not great with making the family feel comfortable. (5 months ago)

I give this sh***y hospital and staff 1 star. My mother came to this hospital because she was referred to come from a previous emergency clinic, and after showing the front desk that she had doctor papers to be seen ASAP, they totally ignored it. The waiting room was so cold and when we asked for a blanket for my mother, they said they didn't have any to give out. What hospital has no spare blankets??? Then my mother started to vomit and not 1 person from their staff even bothered assistance. Once my mother was taken to the back the staff was worse and just RUDE. They rolled their eyes every time we asked a question or needed assistance. My mother is elderly/ diabetic and at times its hard to control certain fluids so of course she had a accident and instead of offering any assistants, I had to clean my mother myself and get her dressed, granted I don't mind or wasn't bothered by it. I've been to other hospitals where the hospitality is awesome and every nurse is never bothered to assist. But this staff was rude, unprofessional, made patients feel uncomfortable to ask a damn question, and had no manners. No one should be treated the way these disgusting animals treated not only us but others as well. Never will I ever recommend this hospital. Hopefully a higher end see's these reviews and makes a change for the better. (5 months ago)

I went there late on a Sunday with a relative who had the flu and upper respiratory infection. He wanted to use a wheelchair as he was feeling light headed and dizzy. I am female so I thought that made sense as he is too big for me to catch if he should fall. The female who called us inside and took down his information into the computer was rude. She felt that it was her place to try and belittle my relative because he had not gotten the flu shot and that he should get up and walk. It is his right to take a flu shot or not to take one. It is not her place to try and make him feel bad about his decision. There is no guarantee that a person will not get the flu even if they have the shot. And as far as the wheelchair goes, that is what they are for. Also, when time to leave, the male nurse who came in and quickly rattled off the instructions was also rude. He sat perched on the desk with his feet propped against the bed. Very unprofessional and waaaay too comfortable. My relative asked for a letter for his job but the male nurse didn't want him to have one. He said that he himself does his job even when he is sick. My relative tried to explain that there is no way he could do his job as he works with machines and being lightheaded and dizzy could cause injury for himself. Finally, he angrily left to get a letter which it looks like he himself wrote for one day off. These were the worst, most non-caring, most ignorant, nonprofessional people I have ever met in a medical facility. I will NOT be returning there. (3 months ago)

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