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DALLAS, TX 75234

Need medical care? Dallas Medical Center is the only community hospital in Farmers Branch & offers many services. Call to learn more about our medical center in Dallas.

Dallas Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Dallas County, TX.

Dallas Medical Center does not have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Dallas Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Wednesday Open 24 hours
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I would recommend any family member or friend to have their surgery at Dallas Medical Center. The staff was very professional and personable and went beyond the call of duty to make the patient's family as comfortable as possible in the waiting areas. I would like to give a special commendation to Kent Cunningham (Liason) who was very helpful to my family members in so many ways. We appreciate your kindness and professionalism (a week ago)

I was seen here twice in the ER. Both times the wait was short and I was seen quickly. The first doctor I saw was really nice and helpful. The other doctor didn't have a great bedside manner, but both times I was taken good care of and the nurses were great. I would recommend this hospital. (5 months ago)

ZERO stars !!! I only selected a single star because they wouldn't post the review without one... most of the staff was rude and unsympathetic... my wife, having chest pains at work, was taken by ambulance to this hospital by DFD... 1.) The girls at the emergency entrance reception desk were completely clueless - told me my wife wasn't there... even after going into the back to physically check... I finally got my wife on her cell and she told me what room she was in - girls at reception still saying she wasn't there... 2.) the girl drawing blood seemed to be on meth or some other drug and pushed through my wife's veins twice before twisting the needle around inside her hand until she got blood - VERY unprofessional... 3) the first doctor, Hailey, seemed to be knowledgeable but rushed through the initial exam even though there was only two other patients there... 4) the head nurse, Vicky, was very kind and very professional... 5) there was a male nurse who responded when my wife called the station about large bubbles in her IV - he was a complete A$$ and told her he didn't have time to explain it to her and walked out of the room in a huff, again as if they were busy when there was a total of three patients in the ER... 6) the second doctor was rude and more interested in arguing about 'the evils of vaping' than gathering information about her chest pains... DO NOT USE THIS HOSPITAL !!! you'll have better luck at the PrimaCare down the road !!! (3 weeks ago)

I started getting calls and bills from a shady collections agency. It turns out the collections agency works for Dallas Medical Center. Dallas Medical Center sent me to collections for an invoice from two years ago. Dallas Medical Center never once contacted me about this bill before sending it off to the collections agency. What makes this especially frustrating is that I have health insurance and paid my co-pays at the time of my visit. My health insurance company never said anything about refusing to cover this. This is bad business practice. (4 months ago)

Dr. Sophia Rahman (9 Medical Parkway, Plaza 4, Suite 301) took over Dr. Charles Loehr's practice when he retired. Though he was a proponent of seasonal allergy steroid shots, she does not believe in them and will not provide them to her patients. It would have been nice to know this before I wasted my time and money going to her for a preemptive attack on a sinus infection. Maybe she's one of the fortunate ones who doesn't suffer from this affliction, but her objection is reason enough for me to seek a new primary care physician, as allergies are predominantly why I schedule emergent visits. Otherwise, she was great when I went to get my flu vaccination. (3 months ago)

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