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Cox Medical Center Branson is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Taney County, MO.

Cox Medical Center Branson does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Cox Medical Center Branson is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday 800 AM – 800 PM
Tuesday 800 AM – 800 PM
Wednesday 800 AM – 800 PM
Thursday 800 AM – 800 PM
Friday 800 AM – 800 PM
Saturday 800 AM – 800 PM
Sunday 800 AM – 800 PM

Location and Directions


My son was very sick. They were really good to him keeping him comfortable. They also helped me set up and have better coverage for my son. Good people, answered all my questions and his since he had a million of them! (4 months ago)

This hospital should have better staff. I would love to be contacted by them if they need to so I can personally tell what they have done why I am giving a poor rating (3 months ago)

Just had a recent stay here. As a nurse my standards are high for care. From Christy in the ED to Leslie,Sue,Kim, Tabitha, Jason and any other name I missed from CDU, the care was outstanding. You all were all so great and took such good care of me. Also, Dr. Charlie Rasmussen is the best provider I have ever had. You all get a five star rating!!! Thank you for your care and compassion. Your organization should be very proud to have each and every one of you! (9 months ago)

I feel Cox Medical Center gives exceptional care to their patients. During a brief stay in Branson, my mother became very ill. She needed emergency care and was admitted to the hospital. The care she received was very impressive. I found all the staff to be professional, supportive and caring. (9 months ago)

My son has eczema, food allergies, and environmental allergies. We have been in and out of hospitals since birth. He was born with a club foot, and then he had been diagnosed with his allergies at 5 months old. We have been in the over night emergency room for the 6 th time now within 7 to 8 months and mostly he has been dealing with his breathing. They do breathing treatments, and give him some anbiotics that's it. But everytime its ear infections and breathing problem, or pneumonia, and breathing problem, or some kind of virus and trouble breathing, but common denominator here is having trouble breathing. I know kids get sick and virus and what not but come on. What are we doing to help them. He is current on all his immunizations, he doesn't have a fever, allergies go hand and hand with asthma, but is too young to be diagnosed. So he gets another steroid to temporarily help him until he has another episode where he has another time catching his breath. The point I'm getting at, is this morning I felt like we were treated poorly. I'm tired and upset seeing my baby in the ER for the sixth time to be told the same thing again and again to only get a run around on whats really going on with him to get a confrontational Nurse telling me there's nothing wrong with him, and kids get viruses all the time. I want to know what we can do to prevent this! He shouldn't be having this many breathing problems to be just booted out the door to just be told you will have to follow up with your pediatrician. SMH.... This is ridiculous out of all the hospitals I have been to. This hospital is very unresourceful!!!! 😡 (6 months ago)

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