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Corpus Christi Medical Center is a healthcare system of hospitals in Corpus Christi and the surrounding Coastal Bend community.

Corpus Christi Medical Center,The is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Nueces County, TX.

Corpus Christi Medical Center,The does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Corpus Christi Medical Center,The is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Friday Open 24 hours
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Very rude and uncaring staff in Er Dept. Only was triaged and left after getting no service in 4 hrs. Then I get a bill for 1400$. Taking it to my lawyer, this is outrageous! Even attempted to call the head of Er Dept to discuss concerns to not get any calls returned. I’m not letting it go, they will be handled with legal charges for falsely charging me. They knew better than to send it to my insurance cause that would be a felony. This will be addressed cause I’m not going away!!! (2 weeks ago)

This is a compliant! Corpus Christi Medical Center Hospital - Bay Area on South Padre Island Drive (the ER department specifically) customer service is terrible and had steadily declining over the last couple years. I'm a patient with a chronic disease and my doctors' office is located in the hospital. I typically have a "flare up" 1-2 times per year. My doctor has advised me to go directly to the ER during these flare ups. I had a flare last night around 11:30pm and went to the ER. While the wait time to be seen is typically excellent, the service once you are in a room or on a bed is terrible and has declined each visit. These "flare ups" cause excruciating abdominal pain, nausea because of the pain intensity and vomiting. I was basically thrown in a bed and waited in pain. The nurse and nurse practitioner that took me to my room was not welcoming and made me feel like I was inconveniencing them. Offered no blanket, vomit bag, I had to get it myself. That is unacceptable for how much money we pay for medical services. It took approximately 30 minutes before a nurse came to my room for my IV. I told the triage folks and the nurse I was experiencing excruciating pain and nausea. So I waited for a least an hour before I pushed the help button, but not a single person showed up, was told by the person that picked up they would let the doctor know. Approximately 20-30 minutes passed, so I pushed it again. Finally, a nurse came in shortly after (10-15 more minutes) and gave me pain medicine and informed me I needed to drink some contrast for a CT scan to rule out an appendix issue, but I informed them eating and drinking causes more pain during flare ups and my doctor usually orders the contrast through the IV during the CT scan. All they had to do was review my past visits/records and understand what to do. This was by far the worst service I have seen or experienced in an ER. Flare ups are intestinal inflammation and need to be treated with much more urgency, care and compassion than what I received last night. The ER doctor also came in with the nurse. I asked for an explanation for the long wait and her response was short and snappy..."I'm the only dr in the entire hospital and I was dealing with a dying patient in room 1." While I understand there are matters that require quicker attention than others, some pain and nausea medicine to hold me over until she could come talk to me would have been a better approach vs. letting me lay there. Believe me if I could treat these flare ups at home I would, but I can't because of the pain. I also stand the risk of being exposed to other illnesses while being there. I could have just stayed home, there was nothing the ER did that I couldn't have done myself in my home. I will not be stopping with this review, emailing/contacting the director. I'm appalled at the terrible service and I'm requesting some type of internal investigation for the folks that were in the ER last night. This is ridiculous. Next time I will go to the an urgent care and get better service. Corey M. Fitzgerald (4 months ago)

I had a tubal ligation back in May 2016 and according to Monica from Dr. Ommani's office everything was good to go with the pre-authorization with my insurance. Then months later NPAS is billing me close to 3400 based on a no insurance discount which caught me by surprise. Well I just received the good news that the claim would be paid after submitting appeals to my insurance and so many calls that I lost track. This hospital according to my insurance was out of network and they had a miscommunication with the provider. I was basically on my own fighting this but finally it's getting paid. This hospital has a third party billing service called NPAS which is the worst as well as their patient services customer service. Their level of customer service is non existent. I am extremely frustrated that I have spent so many hours trying to resolve this. I also submitted a complaint with TDI against my insurance. Just do your diligent homework before you get anything done at this hospital. It seems like they don't even want to get paid. They rather sent you to collections!! Worst experience ever!! Well it is now Feb 28 2018 and NPAS claims they have not received payment from my insurance. My insurance sent them the proof they had via fax and sent it to me by mail as well. I talked to NPAS and they still claim they did not get the fax proof so I sent what I had via fax as well. I will mail it and follow up with patient account services by calling their 713 area number because NPAS is impossible to deal with. I can't imagine having a serious chronic disease and having to deal with all this. April 2018 finally the hospital got paid and I paid my part which was around $360 so I can finally say this case has been closed after two years. I no longer have the Christus health plan and Dr. Ommani no longer accepts that insurance since last year. (4 weeks ago)

Very rude and uncaring staff in Er Dept. Nurse Sylvia who was taking vitals from my mom was extremely rude!! Very uncompassionate and So unprofessional! You ask to speak to a supervisor and they all laugh! I’m guessing they always get away with treating people like this all the time. The worst place to ever come and now my mom is here and will probably not even get the care she needs because these people get away with treating others like if we are nothing! (in the last week)

The care for my friend Linda M.Davis, citizen of LA, off January 24 was perfect. All the staff did what they had to do. Cardiologist Dr McKinstry and heart surgeon Dr Mark Bielefeld did excellent work. They saved her live!! Thank you for that. Herman Wilmink The Netherlands (2 months ago)

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