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Guthrie Guthrie Corning Hospital, NY physicians and providers offer comprehensive care in .

Corning Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Steuben County, NY.

Corning Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Corning Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I came in with chest pain and shortness of breath and have been waiting in the waiting room for over 2 hours now. My doctor sent me here worried about a pulmonary embolism. Nurse that did triage acted like she didn't care at all and I was just being dramatic. I know I'll be driving to arnot from now on. IRA Davenport is better than this place. Sad. It used to be the best around. (3 weeks ago)

The doctors and nurses in the birthing place were great when I had my son in July. That is the only reason they are receiving 2 stars. I received a bill from them 2 months ago after paying what we thought was all of the charges from delivering my son. It turns out, Guthrie's billing department was negligent in sending some requested information to my insurance company to process a claim back in August. The insurance company denied the claim, stating they weren't paying and it wasn't my responsibility to pay until the claim was processed with all of the correct information. After months of Guthrie not sending the information to insurance, they decided they should send me the bill. Thankfully, I have a little background in medical billing. I know it is illegal (and completely unethical) to bill a patient for a charge that insurance has deemed not the patient's responsibility. The day I received the bill, I spoke with a rude lady in the business office. She stated the bill would be sent to review. I hear nothing for a month until I receive another bill. I call the business office again. The bill has not been reviewed yet so I decided to call my insurance. They placed me on hold, called Guthrie to formally ask for the information again, reminding them the bill is not my responsibility at this point. Fast forward to now (about 2 weeks later), the charge is still on my account, Guthrie still hasn't sent the requested information and I'm unhappy. I called again and after speaking very firmly with a supervisor about the illegality of the charge on my account, they are finally taking steps to settle the claim with my insurance and my account now reflects that I currently owe nothing. I highly encourage every patient to compare your bills with your explanation of benefits from your insurance before blindly paying Guthrie a penny. They are obviously more interested in getting paid than making sure it is done the legal and correct way. (3 months ago)

My father came into the ER he cut half his finger off. He is on blood thinners so went to the emergency room staff and told them. They made his go sit in the waiting room without looking at his finger and said he would have to wait . We sat 30 mins with his finger bleeding and I told the nurse again he was on blood thinners and was bleeding. No one came out to help. So we went to arnot hospital were they got him right in with a sever finger laceration. They couldn't believe they made him wait. They said he would have lost his finger if he would have waited any longer. Worst staff in history and they may be hearing from my lawyer. I give them zero stars too (a month ago)

My son presented with acute onset pain...arrived by ambulance at after shows up...proclaims kidney stones...based only on bloodwork. No imaging of any kind. Apparently Guthrie has hired Kreskin to cut down on pesky services.State of New York needs to investigate this place and grind through a complete AUDIT of patient complaints. Maybe actually supplying medical service in a timely fashion...time is now 930pm...Guthrie should know the clock is ticking. So it is now 1030 pm...he is in pain...without food or fluids. And still no imaging. The iv bag is empty and aside from bp measurement no medical staff. Cant confirm diagnosis until imaging. Excuses? We were busy. So busy that an x ray cant get done. So the nurse shows up for pain meds..still no imaging we say...her reply..he is scheduled for ct...scheduled....when asked why it takes so long she gets snippy and says..well other patients came in....well did here we are from on the ground and needing ambulance transport to hospital...45min .tme till imaging and diagnosis confirmation...5 x ray can confirm but we are sitting here for 5 hours (4 weeks ago)

Only getting a 1 Because 0 isn't an option. Long story short, husband took his son for a broken bone. They knew before he even got there he was coming and what for because another hospital informed them. He waited 4hrs in the waiting room. Then they wouldnt use the xrays from the other hospital and lie it's because of hippa. Yet they wasted 4hrs that he could have been getting them done instead of sitting in the waiting room. Then take 45min to get xrays, spew a bunch of other lies, horrible attitude and just to give him a sling. All they want is insurance money they could care less about patients. From now on I'll drive the extra distance to another hospital. (a month ago)

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