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Hospital offering diagnostic cardiac services, pulmonary medicine, neurosurgery, medical oncology, hematology, and sports medicine.

Cookeville Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Putnam County, TN.

Cookeville Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Cookeville Regional Medical Center is a government - local hospital.

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Would honestly rather just die than visit the ER here again and leave my family to foot the completely unreasonable bill. $5000 to be told "I guess you had a kidney stone? But it must've passed already cause we didn't see anything," but still insisting on running every test in the book to jack the bill up. Came here another time when my son had his chin split open and waited 7 hours to be seen. Hardly anyone in the waiting room at all, but when we finally went back to a room most of the others were open. Majority of the staff was very rude and condescending, asked me probably 30 times during my "kidney stone visit" if I was sure I wasn't just pregnant. With my mother and boyfriend in the room. My L&D visit, however was phenomenal. The lactation consultant I had was very rude and condescending, but other than that my birthing experience was amazing. If i could I would just give the L&D department a separate 5-star review but the ER here is absolutely HORRIBLE. (3 months ago)

If I could give 4.5 I would. Every single staff member I was in contact with was AMAZING. The pediatric unit was comforting and made my child feel welcomed and safe. I’ve never had things explained so thoroughly upon leaving either. The only part I can complain about is that every “be right back” was a lie. 30mins was an hour and a half and 7am was actually 10:30am. Everyone was beautiful, however I felt like I was in some universe where I’m went slower than it does on Earth. I realize I don’t know the situation but they didn’t know ours. Waking up to a life threatening emergency with your toddler means you don’t stop to pack a lunch or prepare for the day. I just hope they realize that the patients and families rely on what they say to be true. If they’d have said “buckle up it’ll be a while” I’d have been fine. But “I’ll be right back” was a lie every single time and I’m just not okay with that. (3 months ago)

Being an out of town visitor, I am in utter amazement at the lack of professionalism found at this facility! The "nursing staff" couldn't be more inept, and the rudeness for a hospital staff is nothing short of horrific. As the patient, I visited with some family friends, I suppose one must pray that the physicians on staff here are at BEST more well versed!! One scary thought should one be in a medically compromised situation... just saying, folks!!! (2 weeks ago)

Had my son here and was on meds that were supposed to be for pregnant women but could still cause some withdraw to baby and the doctor over the nursery treated us HORRIBLY! Dr Apryl Hall to be exact. Also disclosed personal information with my family in the room. She was very very unprofessional and made me feel like a horrible mother. She basically treated me and the father like we were some junked out drug addicts which wasn’t the case by any means. The nurses in the nursery were kind and treated us like humans but I would t want to have another child there. I don’t see how she even has her job to be honest. She also would give me updates saying he was being fussy all day and needed to be held 24/7 then I’d ask a nurse about what happened and they would tell me she has only been in there once or twice and that he wasn’t being fussy all day like she had told us. Me and my whole family wanted to chew her ass out and we would’ve if they wouldn’t have made us leave with him not discharged (a month ago)

I would love to give at least a 4.5 rating but this program only allows for whole number rating. I want to thank the ER Staff, 4West Staff, and Doctors at Cookeville Regional Hospital for their exemplary service and care. These groups have more than once literal saved my life. I got to the ER and checked in and before we left the checkin window they were calling me to take me in the back. They did all their testing and was getting a room ready for me within 4 hours. The Doctors and 4West Staff were excellent. They were very courteous and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Over my many times going to the ER and being checked into the hospital this was the most positive experience I have ever had. I wish to thank everyone that was involved including, but not limited to, all the Doctors, Nurses, ER Staff, Lab Staff, Pharmacy Staff, Staff that got the blood ready to give to me, etc. 02/24/2018 ~~ TAW (2 months ago)

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