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Contra Costa Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Contra Costa County, CA.

Contra Costa Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Contra Costa Regional Medical Center is a government - local hospital.

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NEVER go to this hospital unless it’s an emergency. They will have you waiting for hours. I had to wait there for three hours with my mom, she was in excruciating pain, and no one helped her. The people there don’t care, unless it’s an emergency. The people there were ungrateful bastards, too. So please, NO ONE go to this hospital, unless it’s an EMERGENCY. Thank you! (2 months ago)

Trash hospital where the wait to be seen is done on purpose so you could die. It is easier to diagnose you being dead from the time you sit waiting than to be have time taken to actually be seen by a doctor. Want to imrpove conditions? Take a tour of a hospital that actually knows what they are doing and take notes. Children should not be made to wait hours in their "Lack-of-Emergency" Room. Perhaps management will wake up one morning and realize that they are running their hospital into the ground for lacking in the most basic and fundamental principal in patient care, PATIENT CARE. (2 months ago)

Evil staff abuse their power. Nearly killed my relative botched up surgery then left to bleed internally saying symptoms were that of anxiety when person was unconscious from the loss of blood.. interesting how someone can have anxiety when unconscious. Only reason lived is because God himself stopped the bleeding a sheer miracle she was left for over 12 Hours bleeding internally- no one would call a doctor I was a child and had no one I didn't know what to do and they got away with it. She lost nearly all her blood she had to go to ICU and get transfusion and go into another surgery to remove blood buildup in stomach- Don't think you got away with it Dr. Beck or any of you at the county hospital nurses God will repay. Your deeds are going to be exposed. (2 weeks ago)

Before reading my review, (DD stands for "Dear Daughter" for short) My 2.5 month old DD was really sick that day; she was coughing up Phlegm and milk together. Her cough was comparable to the sound of a smoker's cough. Right after work at around 5 pm, I contacted an advice nurse regarding my dad's illness while on my way home to pick her up. I answered every question the advice nurse had for me; she was very helpful and comforting about the situation. She even made an appointment for my dad with a pediatrician that same night. We came to see the pediatrician at around 7 pm and he recommended that I should take my dad to the ER in Martinez, since she's still too young and hasn't received any shots yet. As we got to the ER, we were greeted by a police officer standing outside. I took my work badge out in hopes to be treated with some consideration. I registered at the front desk and they even acknowledged my work badge. They made us wait in the waiting room surrounded by alcoholics, drug attics, and homeless patients. The temperature in the waiting room was freezing cold and the sound of the patients yapping at each other from across each wall was very uncomfortable for my little family and me. By the time we were called in, I was relieved. I checked my watch and the time was around 1:22 am, so we have been sitting in the waiting room for almost 4-5 hours straight. It felt like the nurse seen us more than the actual Doctor did and all the doctors did was listen to my dd's breathing and heartbeat (something I could've done myself at home. They also kept us in that room for a while (I don't know why, I was getting sleepy and wanted to go home already.) A couple months later, I am now being charged for $400 for just 10 minutes of their time. Ridiculous. (4 months ago)

Sat there for 8 hours in the ER to get seen. Not a good place place to go (4 months ago)

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