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FRESNO, CA 93721

Community Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Fresno County, CA.

Community Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Community Regional Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Emergency room visit. I had an awful, extremely painful eye infection. I wear contact lenses and I couldn't get one of them out due to the pain. An emergency room Dr. And his nurse who was all excited about this being her "first eye" began squeezing my eyeball and prodding around in my eye socket, couldn't find my lens which was right on my eye where it was supposed to be. NEVER AGAIN. Worse than when I went in. They wanted to attach some plastic gizmo to my eye and rinse it out with this gallon of fluid. No thank you rookie and Dr. Know Nothing. Resolved by my regular optometrist and a trip to the pharmacy. $3500 for that. Are they serious? (a month ago)

I could not be more pleased with the short stay surgery staff. On the job side, they were thorough, professional and knowledgeable. On the human side they were caring, attentive and assuring. Also, the hospital was safe, clean and well staffed, A+++. I would 100% return and refer. (2 months ago)

Amazing trauma center. Hospital is absolute garbage. They wouldn't allow a visiting Angel nurse to stay over night because they didn't want anyone seeing the inadequate care. Great for Trama, then get out while you can. (a week ago)

updated:5/13/18 CRMC in Fresno is supposedly a "tier 1", premier hospital in California's San Joaquin Valley. Not exactly sure how this is determined, but I'm guessing there is some shady exchange of cash for the title. That being said, below is a pros/cons list from a custome... er, patient. Pros: -Registered Nurses (RNs) and Patient Care Assistants (PCAs). These folks take on a VAST majority of the workload. In my experience, at least 4 out of 5 of them clearly enjoy helping people. Most of them work 12hr+ shifts and I have yet to hear them complain, regardless of often being understaffed and greatly underpaid. -Free WiFi. (when it works) Cons: -Waiting Times. In my experience, it has taken 3 days of laying on a gurney in a hallway before getting moved to a room. It's not horrible, as there are the wonderful aforementioned RNs to tend to your ailments, but it is uncomfortable to say the least and you will undoubtedly be sore rounding mid second day. -Cafeteria Staff. The folks working in the lobby cafeteria are some of the rudest and least helpful staff onsite. Specifically one of the morning cashiers (an elderly, Asian lady who immediately threw my food in the rubbish bin when I asked her if I could step aside to get the proper change together) Another instance, I asked a server a question about one of the items at the hot food station and was told "it's self serve!" as she turned and walked away. -Blue Sky Dining. This is the patient in room dining department at CRMC. They have two "specials" for each meal and an additional selection of options with each meal. If you get your meal as ordered, consider yourself very lucky. I ordered a mushroom omelet and side of fruit, but was given pancakes and turkey sausage. Any deviations from their "specials" will result in unwanted results. (on a side note, you can always have food delivered by an outside restaurant, in lieu of the hospital options) -Communication. There doesn't seem to be much communication, if any, between departments or sometimes even within the same department. Be prepared to answer the same questions two or three times a day for the duration of your stay. It gets irritating quickly. -Noise/Lack of sleep. Unless you have a contagious disease you will have a roommate. This could range from someone who was in some some sort of accident and sleeps most of the time to a violent junkie in handcuffs who screams and yells all day and all night. Summary: CRMC Fresno should be able to get the job done, but if you have other options look into them. Research, research, research. Cheers (a week ago)

I'm here right now. I've been going through kidney failure I have a compromised immune system and they have me in the hall. Been here for about 24 hrs. And I noticed they're putting other people in rooms. And they told me I have to be in isolation but instead I'm surrounded by sick coughing people. A restroom with blood all over the sink. Now I'm afraid of getting sick and losing what is left of my transplanted kidney. What is wrong with these hospital. So 16 hrs later I'm still here in the E R with a failing kidney transplant and a compromised immune system. The restrooms have feces on the toilet as well as the sink. I am afraid I'm going to lose what's left of my kidney. I was advised by someone who commented on my review to ask for the department manager so I did and they told me they don't have one. I asked to speak with the head nurse 16 hrs ago and they did nothing. Hrs later and I'm still waiting. I'm so afraid of losing this kidney. And I did not noticed that my spoon was on blood yesterday in the blue zone till after I ate. Now I'm really scared I might catch something bad. I'm losing my mind. (2 months ago)

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