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Community Hospital in Torrington, Wyoming is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care in a healing environment.

Community Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Goshen County, WY.

Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Community Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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This is such a great hospital. I have gone there for several tests/procedures. Everyone I come in contact with has been very friendly and attentive. I highly recommend. (a month ago)

Great hospital! Doctors and nurses very friendly and caring! My brother broke his back and received excellent care while in the hospital! He’s now walking (with a walker) and in a rehabilitation center! Many thanks to the hospital and staff! God bless you all! (3 months ago)

Extremely very happy we went at midnight my husband has poison ivy dr Garoza is good dr helpful and so polite nice no waiting in the e.r. On a Friday very good hospital good staff friendly. Thank you!!! (a week ago)

`glad its all over .im under excellent care with my doctor at Adam Benjamin in Merrillville. im a vet and they care about what happens to me. my bp numbers are getting under control with 3 small once a day pills only one doctor where you are understood i needed to get my bp under control and he did it anonymously .nice guy. i wont see you anymore .........have a better day and next time be nicer to women veterans... please...... im a vet from have very nice nurses and clean up people and good food. could use better reading material for patients though.also if you piped in classical music to the patient rooms itd be much more peaceful and less scary in there.i now have permanent nerve damage in my left arm and hand, and foot. from being tied into an iv for a little over a week, which was never used and in my left foot too. i can only hope VA can help me try to reverse the damage done to me simply because i had no money,and am VA, which i earned, it was not given to me. the person i had coming in my room that insulted me wasnt my doctor after all. he never had a white coat on all . last jacket i saw him wear was a North Face ONE. HE ISNT NICE TO PEOPLE WHO ARE AFRAID, HE SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY CONTACT WITH PATIENTS IN THE HOSPITAL AT ALL . TOO MEAN..AND HE TOLD ME I WAS A TERRIBLE PATIENT.. Dr. Chang is A REALLY NICE GUY AND HE is very silly too.. yay him and boo on that other person.very disrespectful to me and im older than him too.dont worry, ill never be back , i have no money to give you because im VA and i dont have any money to give you and i was even looked down on cuz my clothes werent fancy, just from Dollar General., thats all i can afford, im sorry i wasted all of your time. and that doctor who said im a terrible patient, dont worry, youll never see me again, you can frighten someone else.i know where im not welcome .and im 63. (a month ago)

Mixed review—my 5 year old son had a severe, acute medical emergency, waited in the ER hallway for hours (screaming in pain for help), was given morphine and a CT scan... and sent home. 36 hours later, he was knocking on death’s door when we returned to the ER. They missed the very frightening (and simple) diagnosis the first time and sent him home with laxatives for constipation (that he didn’t have!). He spent THIRTEEN DAYS at Comer Children’s hospital, underwent TWO major surgeries and endured a medically induced coma... all of which could have been avoided had we not been dismissed the first time. He’s lucky to be alive. After ordering and reviewing an X-ray, the ER doctor on the second visit was quick to acknowledge that Community Hospital couldn’t provide the care he needed and transferred us to Comer. I dealt with the Patient Relations department too, and they were understanding and helpful. But if you have a true medical emergency, I’d caution you against taking yourself or your children to this hospital. My son is still with us because the second ER doctor transferred him, and that doctor is the only reason I’m giving this two stars. I’m sure there are good providers here, but obviously, not all of them are. (6 months ago)

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