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Our Services View all our services The Community Health Center of Branch County is dedicated to the care of each patient offering inpatient and outpatient service to ...

Community Health Center Of Branch County is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Branch County, MI.

Community Health Center Of Branch County does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Community Health Center Of Branch County is a government - local hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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The staff here are excellent. They genuinely care about the patients, and do everything they can to make them comfortable. This small hospital has a lot to offer to the community and our county is very lucky to have it. It is way more convenient to drive five minutes for tests and procedures, and in case of emergencies. I have seen the staff here save many lives. I brought my son to the ER when he broke his arm. Of course we had to wait in the waiting room a few minutes, wait for the xray, wait for the doctor, etc. That is expected. How can one doctor see every patient at once? Also, if someone is not breathing or requiring extreme immediate attention, I would expect staff to stabilize that patient first, before they came over to something less emergency, like a broke bone. All ER staff were very nice and it was a good experience. The OR staff and recovery room staff were also very nice. Everyone did a good job. (5 months ago)

When I dislocated my knee cap and fractured my ankle as a 16-year-old girl, this hospital had me sit in a wheelchair in the waiting room for over two hours. I was shaking and in shock; I mean my knee was on the side of my leg! And I sat there. When I was finally admitted to the back I sat IN THE WHEELCHAIR for another hour before I was seen. The nurse who took me back for xrays was not gentle in twisting my leg to where I was screaming and didn't even bother to scan my ankle which I kept telling them is where the pain was. It felt like my ankle was on fire, but they told me it was a sprain and focused on my knee. Without even checking out my ankle. A year later my ankle gave out on me as I was stepping down from the stoop in front of my house and I was rushed to a DIFFERENT hospital that proceeded to tell me I had been walking around on a fractured ankle for a year that had not been treated. Thanks guys. And the worst part? We were still charged by this hospital for a bed I never had and an emergency doctor I never saw. (3 months ago)

ER staff was very quick, doc was on the ball, explained and asked questions...Between ER and 2nd floor things went list with my mother's prescribed medications, dosage,& times give were lost!!...Mom has neuropathy, they had her suffer in pain all night & morning refusing to give her any pain meds..We have went to this hospital for 13yrs, NEVER again...My family will drive a hour to battle Creek for lab work and hospital stays or ER visit...this hospital reputation was bad already, continues to get have lost three patients..😡 (2 months ago)

The nurses here were great! They were caring and respectful. However getting a physician to actually see the patient was horrible! The patient had been admitted for 30 hours and still has not seen a physician! UNEXCEPTABLE!!!!! The physician care is horrible!!!! (4 months ago)

3 hours later still waiting to find results of an xray for a foot (in the last week)

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