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2400 E 17TH ST, COLUMBUS, IN 47201
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2400 E 17TH ST

Columbus Regional Health is a nationally recognized health system serving a 10-county region in southeastern Indiana.

Columbus Regional Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Bartholomew County, IN.

Columbus Regional Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Columbus Regional Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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I've had many tests done here and the staff is always amazing. I also has my second child here and even though I ended up having a c-section last minute because my daughter was butt first it was still an amazing birth! Great place to be when you need medical help. (7 months ago)

two or three times I've been here but they always tell me that this is at a certain time and they always delay the time that there is another person with more urgency those days is today (a month ago)

The birthing center (BC) is terrible. I was 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my daughter when my water broke around 9:30 AM. I got to the BC around 9:45 AM. The nurse I had was very rude and even mentioned that she wanted to work in a hospital until she came to the BC. She checked my cervix and said I was not dilated at all when my OB had told me just days before that I was 2 CM..she told me she was not going to induce me because it was too early. I told her I did not want to be induced because I knew my water had broke. The test that checks if you're ruptured only takes about 30 minutes at most...I sat in the room for 3 HOURS before the nurse even came back to tell me my water wasn't broken and the fluid I thought was my water was just baby pushing on my bladder. My fiancé had to actually go find our nurse and ask her if the results had came back yet. This nurse never even came back to check on me or anything,just let me sit for 3 hours. So after being sent home 3 hours later,I'm soaking maxi pads in less than 20 minutes. After about the 3rd one in an hour I call the BC back and I get the same nurse on the line. She tells me that it's just baby pushing on my bladder...with this being my first pregnancy,I thought the nurse knew more than I I waited another hour and the same thing was happening..I called back once again and got the same nurse. She still tells me it's just baby. So I tell her I've soaked 6 maxi pads in less than 2 hours and every time I think I have to pee it's just clear liquid and she laughs and talks to me like I'm stupid and says that just means I'm well hydrated. After minutes of arguing with her I gave up. That night I ended up at Schneck BC. In a matter of 10 minutes,they checked my water and my cervix and the nurse said I needed a room because my water was ruptured. My cervix was already at 4 CM...I was stuck at 6 CM for 2 hours so we had to use a peanut ball and if I wasn't dilating I would have to go via c-section. Luckily the ball worked and I was dilating like crazy. My daughter was finally born the next day at 2:49 PM,but thanks to CRH telling me my water wasn't broken,my daughter was born with a cone head because of prolonged rupture and so much pressure on her head,she went straight to the oxygen mask and put in the nursery for 24 hours on antibiotics and an IV. So after my daughter leaking fluids for 12 hours and me being in labor for over 24 hours,I've decided that CRH is the absolute worst place to give birth!!! I will never ever deal with CRH again,not even for myself. All future kids will be born in Seymour. I give all credits to Schneck Medical Center because here we are a month later with a healthy beautiful baby girl. (6 months ago)

This emergency room is the worst er I have ever encountered in my life. My mother-in-law was rushed to the hospital due to a fall and she hit her head. She was responsive leaving home but delirious. The time she got to hospital she was still breathing on her on but during the wait she was unconscious and could not breath on her on. We are 5 hours away and got a call from nurse saying she wasn't gonna make it but couldn't tell us anymore information because they wasn't running any test on her she was just laying in the err with no help. We arrived and 5 hours passed but she wasn't up at the intensive care unit they left her there to die. When they wanted her organs they decided to move her to intensive care unit. this is the worst place. Nurses the head nurse at the time was a young black male in his late 30 early 40 who was up most disrespectful. They harvest organs. this place will let you die for your organs. I promise,. Its not over yet. They told us if we didn't sign the paper for her organs then they would go a different way. lied to us if we did sign we would get to be with her longer which signed the papers and not 3 hours later had her in intensive care unit . They would not leave us alone. this girl had us in a room for 8 hours begging. all night! I don't wish this on anyone. I'm telling you this emergency room will let you die and treat you like you are not human. I wouldn't recommend anyone do go for a emergency. (a year ago)

Injured my eye removing my contacts and at 6:30 most places were closed unfortunately so I got screwed. We were in there over 3 hours with probably only 20 minutes of services (I understand they may have been busy but wait till the billing portion). First doctor I couldn't tell what language he was speaking but it wasnt english so they gave me a different one. She didnt see anything wrong with my eye by just opening my eyelids and looking at it. So they say I must have just scratched it and put gauze over my eyes and then put a band around my head to hold it there and told me to go to an eye doctor the next day. That doctor tells me the outer layer stuck to my contact and ripped it out and there was nothing to do but let it heal. Columbus regional then sends me a bill for ~$1000 from the hospital itself and ~$500 from the doctor. Everything they did I could have done at home. $1500 bill for 20 minutes of work. Contacted billing and they acted like everything was justified and skated around questions. Will go somewhere else or die before I go get robbed at that place. (9 months ago)

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