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Colorado River Medical Center in Needles. We are here for you! 24 hour Emergency Department, Laboratory & Radiology Services,Outpatient Surgeries.

Colorado River Medical Center is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in San Bernardino County, CA.

Colorado River Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Colorado River Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I don't know or understand how they can even call this a hospital. The employees in there are Sick & Disrespectful. The only thing their good at is screwing you over. Its actually quite embarrassing how disgusting they all are. I can wait until they shut down just like the rest of the town. Maybe then they can go to a real hospital and see what it's like to heal & help people. P.S : Save Time & Dignity, and Go to Valley View. You'll save money and actually get cared for. (5 months ago)

Great with kiddos! The worst hospital care I have ever had as an adult was here. It's not busy, I'm one of 2 people in this ER. I have been here over an hour with one nurse that check my vitals. No one else can in. I came in doubled over in pain. No one cares about people. What's the point of coming in? I could sit around in pain at my home! Nurses are to busy talking about Trump and Hillary and baking then helping anyone! (a year ago)

Extremely disappointing and misleading! I was at the river and was suffering from pain and swelling from a bug bite. After 24 hours of being unsure if i should seek treatment, i decided i would at least go to the ER and get some information. I spoke with the front desk and asked prior to receiving any treatment if i could get a general idea of a cost on an ER visit, as my injury was not life threatening or what i considered extremely serious so i wanted to ensure i wasn't signing up for an outrageous bill. I was reassured since I carry Kaiser health insurance, it should be fine and not to worry. To be fair, I knew there would be some out of pocket expense, but it assumed would be reasonable since this is what i was told. Next thing i knew i was being taken back and they gave me a few shots. I was out the door and on my way to recovery all with in about an hour of walking in. I left feeling happy with my experience. About four weeks later a $1,700 bill arrived. To be fair, Kaiser covered about 650 dollars worth of it, but i still owed over a thousand dollars for about 15 minutes in their ER and a couple of shots. I called on the bill trying to get some explanation in how it could possibly be this expensive. Ive been to several ER's outside the Kaiser network and NEVER experienced a bill of this magnitude, especially after asking prior to treatment if it would be expensive and was reassured it wouldn't be. The rep i spoke with on the phone was very matter-of-fact and short with me. She basically told me she could not discuss the bill, only mail a copy of the itemized breakdown. To their credit, they offered me a 321 dollar credit if i agreed to pay in full that day, for a balance of roughly $750 after the Kaiser contribution. I was warned if i passed on the offer to discount at that moment it would not be offered again. I begrudgingly paid the bill as i clearly had no other option and was reminded by the rep they will send it to collection and hit my credit with failure/late pay. 3 weeks later I received the itemized breakdown. It shows 4 UNITS of an ER visit for 941 dollars. Considering i only visited the ER once, i called and tried to get more information. I again got a very matter-of-fact rep who talked over me the whole time and basically said she didn't have it in front of her and couldn't really discuss it and my account was "suspended", but to ignore the UNIT column and said "thats just how it prints and not to worry". One of two things happened, either an ER visit here is 941 dollars to walk in the door and the bill goes up fast from there, or i got hit for 4 ER visits. Either way as the customer its very misleading and frustrating. Why the rep couldn't have told me that night an ER visit is 941 dollars is mystifying to me. There are several other line items and 100-150 dollars a piece, like "Pharmacy cost", "Drug detail code" and "IV Therapy"... Considering I never received an IV i pushed on this and the rep continued to completely disregard the itemized breakdown and just kept telling me "thats just how it prints". As the customer, it feels like a bill that has line items on it detailing the same service with different working and services i didn't receive at all. This makes sense why the initial rep "couldn't discuss it over the phone" and the second one i talked to continued to tell me to ignore that break down and thats "just how it prints". Either way, i never like leaving bad reviews for accidents; in business errors happen and miscommunications occur; but this doesn't feel like an accident at all. I was mislead from the beginning being reassured it would be reasonable and they wouldn't ever tell me outright an ER visit is 941 dollars. Then, when calling about the bill i was responded to with short and direct remarks, an inability to discuss the bill directly or the account being "suspended", and when i became frustrated with this was just threatened with collections and told to "just ignore the breakdown, thats just how it prints". Customer beware, you may be blindsided with a outrageous bill! (11 months ago)

This is the worst hospital ever, the doctors don't know patient care what so ever, they could careless about there patients... I wouldn't even give them a 1 star, but this E.r should be shut down (a year ago)

After being put back in the lobby in pain in Mohave valley. Neddles ER got me in and out in less than 30 min. Thank you all. Andy Barrett Angels camp CA. (a year ago)

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