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MACON, GA 31210

Coliseum Health is a full-service emergency care hospital system specializing in pediatrics, bariatrics and behavioral health in Macon, Georgia.

Coliseum Northside Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Bibb County, GA.

Coliseum Northside Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Coliseum Northside Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Took my eleven year old to the ER on February 7. We got there before 12:21 AM and did not see a doctor until 2:30 AM (the pediatric ER doctor goes home at 10:30 PM so don't expect a specialist if you have a child). She had been complaining of stomach pains on and off all day and I was beginning to worry that she might have appendicitis or the flu. Before I get into more detail, I want to say the nurses who took care of my child were kind, professional and courteous. When we finally saw a doctor, he asked me for the date of her last period. I told him that she was eleven and had not even started yet. After a cursory examination, he "diagnosed" my child with period pain. When I protested, he said, "We'll know in two weeks." They took blood and put my child in a bed. We stayed there until about 5:30 AM when we were told we could go. When the nurse took my child's temperature one last time, she had a fever and then proceeded to throw up. There was no return visit from the doctor. No flu swab (this was during the height of flu season). No revision to his diagnosis. Later that day, I took my child to the pediatrician who diagnosed her with a virus or the flu (she tested negative at that time but others in the house fell ill that same week and tested positive for flu). The pediatrician scoffed at the ER doctor's "diagnosis". I'm disgusted that the ER doctor billed us $1700 for his "services". I wish I could bill that much for being wrong. My child has still has not started a period. (a month ago)

I had to go to the ER, no problem there but avoid being ADMITTED to this hospital at all cost, otherwise it could cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars for even a short stay. They only have private rooms at this facility and my insurance does not cover that. I have decent coverage so I would bet most insurance does NOT pay for private rooms. If your insurance does not cover private rooms I urge you to travel to another hospital as soon as you are able. While I do appreciate your prompt response I am lowering the rating to 1 star. I called twice and have not received a call back. I also checked with my insurance company and they never received a response from your hospital in reference to this matter either. I reiterate to everyone reading this, unless it is a life or death situation, or if you are wealthy, you should avoid being admitted to this facility. After my previous post the hospital did contact me and I was refunded nearly 80 percent of the disputed amount. (4 months ago)

My daughter busted her head catching a lamp They were exceptional professionals with a great attitudes. Hand's down best ER visit EVER!!!!! (3 weeks ago)

I waited 4.5 hours for an IV and nausea meds because I am 5 months pregnant and dehydrated. I literally watched the entire ER empty with people who were perfectly fine loudly talking on their phone having a good time. Maybe if I had lied I would have gotten some help. Instead I’ll just never come back and I’ll go elsewhere. (a month ago)

Place is clean, friendly atmosphere. Problem I have is what is the wait time supposed to be when you push the call button. No urgency. Seems like nurses are more interested in gossip than helping patients. My wife sat in a pee soaked bed her first night here after surgery. I thought patients paid their bills so hospitals can make money to pay salaries. If they don't want to work things shouldn't cost so much. (3 months ago)

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