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Provides a brief history, information about services, staff profiles, directory of visiting physicians, and employment opportunities. Located in Concordia.

Cloud County Health Center is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Cloud County, KS.

Cloud County Health Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Cloud County Health Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I would rate a 0 star if I could. Emergency care at this hospital is terrible. I was by myself in Concordia when I broke my leg so I had to get myself to the hospital. The nurse believed I was exaggerating my pain scale because I "looked fine". She refused to even call a doctor. They gave me Tylenol and an Ace bandage and said to come back in the morning. (Not even crutches) I was kicked out, expected to walk out ON my broken leg! It was one of the worst nights I have ever had. Then this hospital messed up the billing. First they couldn't get my insurance billed properly and when my portion due was finally worked out they gave me 20 days notice to pay. And sent my information to a third party agency. When I made my payment they told me I was lucky they didn't take me to court over it!!!! I would not go here or have someone you love sent here unless you are dying. Get them stable and transfer them Anywhere else. (a year ago)

Unfortunately, in order to receive the sub-par health care that CCHC has to offer, you must first cross paths with the front-desk troll that is Cheryl. I had an admittedly brief encounter with this individual, but it was enough to inspire me to look elsewhere for my health care needs. While avoiding the many words I first used to describe Cheryl, I will simply say that she is a mean-spirited and hate-filled old women that needs to be moved to a position in the back room of the hospital away from patients and their families. Maybe she can trade positions with a janitor or an X-ray radiation shield. Either way, just about any move by management would be a step up from this old hag. (a year ago)

The main reason I'm giving such a low rating is because I was misdiagnosed with cervical cancer. The nurse told me over the phone and made me wait a month just to get an appointment to find out what stage I was. I had to go through a painful procedure I didn't even need just because of her. On top of that, two of my nieces almost died because they didn't think it was anything serious (white blood cell count was so high she was getting dangerously ill, the other he appendix ruptured and they did nothing...both were taken to Salina for proper treatment.) The only reason I would go here was because of my original doctor who saved my youngest son's life and mine during an emergency she's at another hospital. (2 years ago)

(6 months ago)

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