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Clifton Springs Hospital And Clinic is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Ontario County, NY.

Clifton Springs Hospital And Clinic does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Clifton Springs Hospital And Clinic is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Every time I went here aside from whatever brought me there the experience has been pleasant. The doctors and nurses were friendly and helpful. I only had one issue where I brought my daughter in because she had poison ivy. While we were there the doctor confirmed that it was indeed poison ivy and left while my daughter got dressed. I literally saw it spreading on her neck and arms so when the doctor came back I showed her she noticed her face was swelling too. She looked at me and said she didn't know what she had cause she'd never seen this reaction before. She told me to take her to her regular doctor, which was closed for the weekend. I ended up having to take her to Strong Hospital. The doctor there took one look at her and said it was poison ivy which unfortunately she had a sever allergic reaction to. I told him about what I had been told he said the doctor must've been tired. I understand it happens. Aside from that I've never had any issues and would recommend it to anyone. (3 months ago)

I was at the Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program here, because of a nervous breakdown I had and I give them so much credit for their efficiency of their ER and the staff really take their time to meet the patient's needs. I was previously going to Strong Memorial Hospital for Psychiatric emergencies and I was there for about 14 hours when I was there last for CPEP services. Here, I was seen within half an hour and they actually helped me a lot more than when I was at Strong Memorial Hospital. I totally would recommend this hospital for CPEP services. (a month ago)

No communication no organization endangering others by I'll practice slow place no staff around. It's a poop show I'll never return it's a joke hospital (2 weeks ago)

The lab here is absolutely awful, I have Kindey disease so getting labs is very important for my health, they have lost my urine samples multiple times which have landed me being admitted to strong for kidney infections I have gone here once for pain, they couldn’t even get me a room in the emergency department, didn’t hook me up to fluids or anything and wasn’t seen for hours by a doctor, they sat me in an emergency Phsyc room, now remind you there’s only about 4 emergency beds to begin with. After the doctor came around at 8pm, he looked at me, told me I had a chronic condition and that they couldn’t give me pain medication but I could get a CT scan but would have to wait until 3am. The service is absolutely disgusting there and they have no knowledge on children or pain management (6 months ago)

Vary bad experience with this facility. My 92 year old mother- in-law was discharged at 4;00 pm Friday on a holiday weekend (Memorial day). She had pneumonia . She was sent home with no medications in hand, but five prescriptions. One of the prescriptions was written improperly and was unable to be filled. We called back the hospital Saturday morning and were assured that the proper prescription would be called in. It never happened. We called twice on Saturday,twice on Sunday, twice on Monday. No one ever bothered to make the prescription right. Tuesday we called again, we were assured that the correct prescription would be called in. When we went to pick it up our pharmacy, they had had no contact from the hospital . It is now Wednesday morning and we still do not have the medication. I am in the process of filling a form DOH 4299 (Available on line) with the Department of Health in Albany. They are very lucky that my mother in law seems to be recovering..........When a 92 year old patient with Pneumonia does not instill any sense of urgency, it's time to find a different Facility . (12 months ago)

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