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MONROE, GA 30655

Clearview Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Walton County, GA.

Clearview Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Clearview Regional Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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On May 21st I gave birth to my son the staff was really good especially my nurses Mrs.Sandra was my nurse for the morning and mid afternoon her professionalism and personality was great especially with me being in labor she is a magnificent nurse ,Mrs.Jackie ,and Mrs.Alisa they were also great nurses and kept me well informed and was willing to answer any questions I had ...I know some people have been skeptical of having a baby at Clearview but with my experience and the nurses I had I would recommend them to everyone ......thanks to those wonderful ladies for helping me welcome my bundle of joy !!! (in the last week)

I had a sudden onset kidney stone and was traveling through Monroe, and was almost put off from going here by the terrible reviews. The only reason we went here was the time it would take to get to a better, (higher reviewed) hospital. I'm so glad I did!! They got me in quick, was very professional, (all staff we encountered) got me on pain meds right away. The doctors and nurses were very encouraging and pleasant. Our room was quite cold, so the nurse got me two blankets and even got my husband one!! I wouldn't hesitate to go to this facility should the need arise. (2 months ago)

I had my son at the birthing center. We were son impressed with the care my son and I received. They even treated the father well. Everyone was polite and caring from the director of the unit, nurses and even housekeeping staff. This was a great experience and totally different from the hospital I had my first son at. We won't be having any more children but if I did I would definitely choose this hospital. Thank you to the Clearview Regional Childbirth Center for making this a great experience and taking such good care of me and my son. My boyfriend went there went his blood pressure was off the charts, they took great care of him and he was extremely impressed. (6 months ago)

I have been going here all my life and it is a terrible hospital. Very slow. I recommend that no one needs to go here. (in the last week)

My best friend had been sick for months, unable to go to the bathroom. Throughout this she kept calling and going to doctors to find out what was wrong. All they told her was she was extremely dehydrated and to drink alot of water. Nothing was helping and it was getting worse. I told her to go somewhere that could give her fluids via an IV. She ended up going to Clearview. Unfortunately she didn't have insurance at this time. The hospital decided to keep her overnight and to basically due an exploratory in the morning. They gave her a pain pill that night and she never woke up!! That morning they couldn't get any blood pressure readings, so they gave her blood pressure medicine (like that was really going to help). They went ahead and cut her open to find out what the cause was. What they discovered was that she had a massive bowel blockage that had caused a tear, thus leaking into her body. The surgeon decided that they couldn't do anything for her and stitched her up. She passed away about an hour later. Now here is my problem. My neighbor had the same thing happen. They were able to clean her out and repair the damage. They were able to save her life. Now with my best friend, I guarantee she would still be alive had she had insurance. This "hospital" didn't want to deal with it knowing she didn't have insurance. Not only that, when they came out of surgery, we were standing out in the hallway where there were a lot of other people around. They came up to us, in front of all these strangers and very nonshalant, informed us that she was going to die. That was so uncaring and heartless. I couldn't believe it. This hospital is AWFUL!!! (a month ago)

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