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Photo: St. Vincent's Medical Center Clay County

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FLORA, IL 62839

Clay County Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Clay County, IL.

Clay County Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Clay County Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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Sunday Open 24 hours

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I went to the ER on a Sunday morning because I was scared to death that I had another Staph infection. Was going to go to a Doc in a box and wish I would have. First I will say this facility is clean and well kept. Everyone I encountered at first was very nice and understanding. Fast forward to a DR who didn't introduce himself when he walked in and asks what's my problem with no eye contact. I explain to him that I was bit the day before and now having the same symptoms as a staph 10 years ago. It was on my left thigh & he's standing on my right & he says ok lets see it. I take the sheet off of it and he literally glanced at it and shrugged. He didn't lean over, get close, touch it or anything. Then he says can't tell if it's a bite or staph so I'll give you some antibiotics and walks out the door. The nurse looking embarrassed says I can get dressed & walks out. I didn't even have my pants on before the lady w/ a cart came in & handed me a bill for $399.20 & asked if I wanted to make a payment. I really didn't feel I had received $400 worth of service personally but I paid $50 & went home to cry feeling like the DR didn't care at all. A few weeks later I receive another bill for over $1200. I have called the # to request an itemized statement 7 times and still haven't received one. I will not give this hospital another dime until they can tell me what exactly I am paying for. Just stay away from this place, seriously. (2 months ago)

No compassion for patients! My 86 year old father was in and ordered breakfast. When it came, two people came in, one to draw blood and then one for a breathing treatment, neither one cared that his breakfast was there, by the time they were finished the breakfast was cold, cold grits with a clump of cheese on top, cold scrambled eggs, and cold toast with luke warm coffee! How appetizing!!! The coffee machine downstairs does not work, and the soda machine by the cafe only had three drinks in it. The cafe is closed on Sunday's. What this hospital needs is more competition, maybe then they would up their game!!! Shame on the State of Florida for limiting competition in this industry !!! (2 months ago)

Took very good care of my mother and gave her some excellent resources to use upon her discharge. Went to ER, and was seen in a reasonable amount of time. (3 weeks ago)

This entire hospital from the time I arrived through my entire five day stay treated me like a 'prince". The doctors, nurses, CBS's were absolutely outstanding. Of course, I have been under st. Vincent's care since 1999. I would recommend this hospital to anyone. (2 months ago)

I went to this hospital 4 days ago for severe back pain. I was treated terribly. Once I was put in a room a nurse came in and asked me questions in a rude manner. The doctor came in and asked me the same questions. Nothing else was done and they discharged me after 20 minutes of being there. No tests were done. Once I was getting ready to leave the nurse came in and threw the discharge papers at me and said in a rude voice "there's your discharge papers bye". I was given a prescription i couldn't use. I had to go to another hospital and x rays were done. They found out i have a broken vertabrea in my back. This is the 2nd time ive been diagnosed wrong by St. Vincent's. I would not recoment going here for emergencies you will most likely have to get a 2nd opinion. (a month ago)

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