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SANTA FE, NM 87505

CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Medical Center provides healthcare, emergency and specialty services to more than 300,000 people in seven counties in Northern New Mexico.

Christus St Vincent Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Santa Fe County, NM.

Christus St Vincent Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Christus St Vincent Regional Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I hate to give such a low review because the nurses and doctors here are general pretty great and I have friends there. But outside of the care you receive, everything else is pretty horrendous, particularly the prices. I got regular hospital "services" every other month which they charged over $30,000 to my insurance. I have since relocated to another state and I get that same service for $1560 (billed to insurance) and the level of care is even better. When dealing with the financial strains after the fact, their billing offices are a whirlwind of getting passed around, robo calls asking YOU to call THEM back only to then sit on hold before you even know what you're waiting to talk about, and web pages for bill pay that are often not working. I worked with their personal billing manager to help address my large balance, expended lots of time, and nothing beneficial came out of the experience. Having medical issues is a pain to begin with, but adding the administrative and billing issues on top of that, after being charged absurdly overpriced fees, is an unnecessary step that Christus seems to unavoidably pile on. I am happy to be out from under their care (though I am still heavily in debt to them). (a week ago)

I had to go to the emergency room. The service and care were very good though I was frustrated because I left without a diagnosis. On the discharge day, things became less efficient. I couldn't get anyone to discharge me in a timely fashion. I was connected with a billing specialist to contact after I left the hospital who did not return my calls until the third attempt. Billing issues had to be dealt with through separate entities anyway. My requests for itemized bills were not followed up on or if they were, I was never informed. When I called one evening to review prep instructions for a follow up CT scan, it took several attempts to locate someone who could help me. During one of those attempts, I was connected with a nurse who asked in a rude tone of voice "Who are you?" and then, "Where are you calling from?" I felt so rattled by this that I hung up on her. The next nurse I was connected with was knowledgeable and reassuring. My assessment of this hospital is that once you're there, the care is great. But once you're on your way out, there is little cohesion. After your hospital stay, you will have to dig deep to get the responses you need, possibly at a time when you have little energy to spare on telephone goose chasing. (5 months ago)


Your nurse staff will be severely underpaid and overworked, yet somehow the only saving grace of this establishment. Your case worker will advocate for the privately owned profit making mechanism of the hospital rather than advocate for your wellbeing. You will be charged a 1,000% markup on anything they give you including tissue paper and pillows. This place is criminally ill-managed. Its a trap. They are an ultra conservative, poorly run private prison - ehem - hospital. blatant, complete and utter exploitation of the sick, dying, and desperate. This place makes my blood boil. (2 months ago)

I ended up in the emergency room last night by ambulance. By far all the staff who cared for me were exceptional. PA Jessica Curtis and her team John & Mark had wonderful bedside manner. My wait for tests and results was minimal. My experience was very pleasant considering the circumstances. I will be reffering this hospital to everyone i know definatly for emergency services. (2 months ago)

Had a planned c section with my first daughter and the experience was amazing. I went into labor before my appointment and the staff was so friendly and helpful. I was very nervous and my nerves were put at ease once i was in the operating room. The room was full of people and everyone introduced themselves one by one and let me know what roles they would play during my delivery. I was having contractions every few minutes so they were able to do my spinal tap right in between the contractions. It was really fast. Before they began they brought my husband in and made sure i couldnt feel anything. They made sure i was comfortable brought me warm blankets. They kept me informed when they began. And my daughter was born. They let my husband cut her cord and they took her off to get cleaned up and he was able to go with her. The longest part was when they sewed me back up. It was layers and layers of stitches and staples. I had no problems what so ever. The staff was amazing and the food was good. Definitely not "microwave food" i was discharged a day early and the staff made sure the carseat was fitted perfect to my daughter. Once we got to the car our base was installed wrong and the transport guy was kind enough to take it out for us. Overall it was a pleasant experience. (2 months ago)

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