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Your Best Medicine is right here. Christian Hospital has been proudly serving St. Louis and the surrounding metro areas since 1903. Our team of physicians, nurses and ...

Christian Hospital Northeast-Northwest is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Saint Louis County, MO.

Christian Hospital Northeast-Northwest does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Christian Hospital Northeast-Northwest is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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I've been both an employee and a patient. I believe that most of the staff are caring and competent in their roles. It only takes a few bad seeds to give an establishment a bad image. I work with several people whose number one focus is excellent patient care. As a patient, I interacted with very friendly doctors, nurses, and other staff members. I received very prompt care. (in the last week)

Been here for the past 5 days roughly and it has been nothing but a good experience. I came in for low platelets (>1000), went through ER and eventually got admitted. Everyone has been so nice and helpful. I hope this is my last stay here for a long time but If the need arises this will probably be my first choice if I have one. (a month ago)

My husband was there for two days, no one changed his bed linen, the nurse practitioner didn't know how to put in IVs, the dietary person didn't know he was admitted, and no one came to clean his room. It was horrible, the communication is horrible amongst the staff. (2 weeks ago)

Do not return phone calls. Allows their Dr and staff to treat the disabled like trash. Also it's all about the money they're making not about care. They allow their pain clinic to be ran by an rude manager nurse who threatens to call security on you if you don't agree after getting up from her nap. Most rude LYING immature and unethical behavior of a professional doctor I've ever met. Also refusing to send any medical records this is against hippa rules. I wouldnt allow them to install any medical devices in you either because very few know how to program them correctly. Also installing medical devices in people who sit and ask me what they have in them and why the dr installed it. They want to remove you from the practice and out of sight when you ask any questions or refuse to come back 2 days later after just being there and receiving multiple injections and live 200 miles round trip. Dr collects his money for installing pain pump and then refuses to try ANYTHING different . Dr Chris thinks the pain pump is the cure to everything while making his pocket and the hospitals fat. No compassion from them. This was a waste of time money and my husband's life. Hes worse than when he started at this clinic. Also for ANY ONE considering a Flowonix pain pump make sure you do your research on how many Drs service this pump besides Dr Chris. My husband's ethical and caring primary care doctor believes in his patients and chronic pain but not a pain Dr? Choose wisely and if your elderly parent or disabled friends or anyone you take care of is presented with a pain pump make sure you do your research and check everything out and that it's the right decision . Now on the positive side I did meet a nurses and staff that work in this clinic that did know how to work with chronic pain patients and knew how to service the pump. They treated people with respect and as a human being at all times. Update: phone # you gave me is a fax line. So this is poor business as my husband's life is at risk from a pain pump your Dr installed and no other Dr can service it. Is he suppose to just die? I've called 50 different offices no one is willing to remove this pump or any risks associated with the withdrawal from meds. Think you can help yet? (a month ago)

My grandma has been staying here for over a week on the oncology floor. She has had a horrible experience. She can barley move and when she pushes the button for assistance no one answers most of the time. And when she decides to go ahead and try to go herself and the bed alarm no one comes or they take forever to come in and help. Also even when they do “help” they don’t do much. And she’s told me some people are rude and sassy which is not okay because my grandma is very sick with leukemia and has an infection and pneumonia and low blood counts. I’ve had to help her and clean her and give her her meds MYSELF. It’s horrible there. The other night she had a fall. When called we were told she just had a little mark above her eye and that she was alone when the fall happened. She shouldn’t have been alone bc when that alarm goes off they should be in there right away. When we got there she had a complete black eye and bruised face and shoulder. It’s so swollen. She told me that there was someone in the room with her and didn’t do much helping at all obviously. I am very angry about this. (a month ago)

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