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The War Memorial Hospital of Sault Ste Marie Michigan. Offering emergency and long term health care to the eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan. WMH offers a ...

Chippewa County War Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Chippewa County, MI.

Chippewa County War Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Chippewa County War Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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1 nurse practitioner and 2 nurses are the o my thing good about that hospital. The others miss treat you and your family as well as think everyone is out to seek drugs . If u clearly see someone is in pain and u do any kinda test to confirm what they are talking about then u try your best to treat the issue not send them home. My daughter passed out twice no work up done what so ever they gave her 2 juices and sent her home. This hospital needs new staff that actually care about there job and not just a paycheck (2 months ago)

They are so worried about junkies wanting pain meds they treat people with actual proven chronic pain from well documented injuries like they are junkies wanting meds. The doctors affiliated with this place are here to treat their patients. They are failing. (3 weeks ago)

i wouldn't rate this place a star my grandfather who has dementia went to the hospital to begin with for hernia about the size of a softball hanging out of his gut and he may be hard to convince to go to the hospital after an hour or two trying to convince him we get in there and once we get there we check in the wait was no problem but I myself ask where may I smoke a cigarette and the lovely woman at the front desk of the ER told me to go to the sidewalk so I have a cigarette at the sidewalk but my grandfather was still in the waiting room so after I return and have a cup of coffee my grandfather needed to have a cigarette especially with all the commotion in the ER waiting room. Like I said my grandfather has dementia and is having more than one issue to deal with at once so he made the mistake of lighting his cigarette as soon as he walked out the door and since it's snowing and 18 degrees out I'm trying to tell him please Grandpa let's walk towards the car by the sidewalk and this security guard who obviously takes his job way too seriously comes out and starts in front of us my grandpa throws a cigarette down runs in the waiting room and I myself and being confronted by the security guard who was sitting there giving me a lecture on how I knew better when I didn't have a cigarette in my mouth I'm trying to get my grandpa to the car at least that way I could start the car and turn the heater on and crack the window but the security guard made a bigger deal than it was and sat there and told me how he told me when it wasn't him it was the nurse at the desk who told me to smoke at the sidewalk and after telling him there's not a cigarette in my mouth please stop giving me a hard time and persisted on trying to invoke me I got fed up to the point where I told him to kindly piss off he threatened to call the cops on me and I said fine I don't care I didn't do nothing wrong and my grandpa walked back outside and jumped in the car and refuse to go back in there and like I said at the beginning it takes a lot of convincing to get him to go to the hospital and thanks to this security guard who obviously takes his job way too seriously that my grandpa did not receive medical attention after I tried to reason with him but even though I did not have a cigarette in my mouth but my grandfather and angered him because he was chewing out his grandson in front of him with that said I do not recommend this Hospital it was a very first time I went there to take my grandfather to the ER and besides the nurse who was absolutely wonderful I got along with her just fine but the security guard who honestly should have his contract terminated my grandfather refuses to go to the hospital which is difficult on my end especially the fact that my grandfather sat and talked to a child whose father was stabbed a room away and witnessed his father Bleeding Out he tried to comfort him and it tore him up badly so he walks out to have a cigarette and the security guard who obviously has nothing better to do besides sit in the waiting room and watch TV comes out and harasses us I'm trying my best with my grandfather but I don't need somebody else to sit there and argue when I'm trying to help them anyways I would not recommend a single star to this Hospital (7 months ago)

I was taken by ambulance last night. I cut my toe off. The paramedics arrived and were amazing. I felt really dumb for what happened but I was re-Assured they have seen worse. I was treated and sewn up quickly, and I feel I made new friends. Thank you War Memorial for everything. Keep this going! (10 months ago)

The time to be wated it redicules i would never recomend it to any one (5 months ago)

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