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5451 WALNUT AVE, CHINO, CA 91710
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CHINO, CA 91710

Chino Valley Medical Center, established in 1972, a subsidiary of Prime Healthcare Services, is a 126-bed community hospital centrally located in Southern California.

Chino Valley Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in San Bernardino County, CA.

Chino Valley Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Chino Valley Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Chino Valley Medical Center did a great job taking care of me in the ER. All staff was very caring and comforted me at my time of need. They handled my injury and pain right away. I am very happy with the treatment I received here. (2 months ago)

We have been to your ER 3 times this year twice my husband has been admitted to your hospital. We can't tell you how awesome your staff has been. ER staff is caring, professional and educated. Today I needed to pick up my husband's records from a recent visit to the ER just as I have done after every visit to your hospital. Unfortunately it was not a pleasant visit to Medical Records today. I have to mention your employee Michelle in Medical Records was extremely confused about the information needed to release the records. It started with I did not have my husband's ID came back with it and the completed form, she took the form, 5 min later came back needed home address written on the form, 5 min later needed phone(there's no areas marked for this information and no reason for there to be), 5 min later said she noticed I filled out the form and my husband signed it!( as I have done 2 before) and she had to call my husband for approval then she came back with only his intake form. Michelle claimed those were only records she could find. I came home logged into your site (mentioned to me by another person in the lobby) and found the records Michelle should have been able to locate and print out for us. We find it shocking with all the amazing staff member you have that one as incompetent, unprofessional and unfriendly as Michelle would be in your Medical Records Dept. Obviously Michelle needs additional training and education to perform her job properly. We bragged to everyone how great your hospital is and we hope never to experience this kind of service in the future. (7 months ago)

We are no frequent ER visitors. Our 10.5-month-old daughter had high fever for over two days. 3rd day we decided to take her to CVMC ER as other urgent care either don't take temporary Medi-Cal or don't know what that is. We found CVMC on Google and were hesitated to go there as review seemed to be very bad. We finally took our chance as it is the closest to us. The facility looked clean with no long line. Admitting windows clerk Jessica were polite. I tried to tell her I need temporary Medi-Cal as my application is in process, she told me she couldn't discuss insurance with me at the counter but let's get our daughter to see the Doctor first and we'll figure it out. We were called in after a brief wait and the experience has been great. Everyone is nice and Doctor was being throuogh. He assigned different tests including x-ray to make sure she has no complication. Explained to us patiently as how to properly treat our daughter with high fever. Multiple nurses came to take samples and were nice. Near the end, the admitting clerk Jesscia came to me with all paper work ready to go. I screwed up the last form for temp medi-cal and she patiently gave me a new form to fill out with no attitude at all. Finally my temp medi-cal got approved and all tests and treatment and medicine were free to us. What a relieve as I was worrying about the bill with all those exams. Overall, good ER. If anything (knock on wood), I won't hesitate to go back there again. (3 months ago)

Great hospital! Fastest ER around with excellent physicians & caring, attentive nursing staff. If you get admitted you'll be well taken care of by Dr. Lally and his superb resident team. CVMC is the only hospital in the area I recommend to family & friends. I wouldn't go anywhere else! (7 months ago)

While visiting a relative at this so called hospital I had to visit the ER. That relative ended up passing away that very next morning. I had made arrangements with business office regarding my co pay. I let them know if would be a few months maybe longer before I would be reimbursed by estate so I could pay them. Today I called to make payment as promised. I was informed they sent my account to collections. To find this out was upsetting to say the least. Not only would they NOT give me a discount for payment in full they were rude and berating me. I never received anything from a collection agency. The billing supervisor was just short of calling me a liar. I gave my credit card number to one gal that said she would deliver my card information to the one who runs them. I explained I did not want my information just written down for later. That is when the heartless supervisor came on and just wanted to quote her notes. In the end I had to pay collection fees and never received anything from their agency. That same rude supervisor verified the collection agency was given a wrong address for me proving I did not receive anything from them. The bottom line is my relative died in their hospital and I received the worst treatment there. You should just stay sick. Because if you go here it is only about them getting money. Not helping people I do not usually do reviews but this lady is rude inconsiderate and just down right an unhappy person to treat another person the way she treated me. I am not a liar or a thief. I was just trying to do as I said I would. I rate them a BIG FAT 0 (10 months ago)

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