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5808 W 110TH STREET

Children's Mercy Hospital Kansas in Overland Park serves as our flagship location for care in Kansas. Visit our site to learn more about our services.

Children's Mercy Hospital Kansas is one of the childrens/facilities located in Johnson County, KS.

Children's Mercy Hospital Kansas does not have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Children's Mercy Hospital Kansas is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Dr. Pacicca is very humble. She is THE master of her craft, yet continues to strive for higher ideals. Very lucky to receive her services in conjunction with Children's Mercy Hospital and the long term plans for increased bone density for our future NBA star! (2 months ago)

The hospital is a wonderful hospital , helpful nurses and staff. Clean environment. But I was not pleased with a particular ER NP She was very sarcastic ,very rude the whole time we we're there she talked to us as if we we're ignorant As we explained what was wrong and how we do things at home. As a DR or a NP no matter how you feel you should not have an attitude on how a parent does there own thing. Your here to help our children not to critize how we do things or how we are as parents. (a month ago)

Never take your child here. There isnt a competent person that works in this chain of hospitals. 1. The doctors can never be anywhere near on time for an appointment. Expect to wait 2-3 hours AFTER your appointment time to see anyone. Thats been the norm for us. Its completely ridiculous. 2. They lost our daughters ultrasound for her heart after traumatizing her to get it. After fighting with them for 2 weeks to find the ultrasound, they eventually just lied to us and said it came back normal. But they refused to provide any documentation to back it up. I suspect this is illegal, and the nurses and doctors should be fired and prosecuted for fraud. But of course, no one can tell us the names of those responsible. 3. For a sore throat one time, they decided to give our daughter hydrocodone without our permission. And then tried to send us home with a prescription for it. I dont condone use of oxy or hydro for adults and I certainly dont condone the use of opiates for a sore throat in a toddler. Again, this should be illegal and someone should be held responsible. 4. In more recent events, they cant seem to get our prescription for our daughter for much needed medication. We are on day 5 now, and the hospital is claiming they accepted it while the pharmacy is claiming they are rejecting it. If the ghetto nurses had any sort of education in how to do their job, alot of this could probably be avoided. 5. Our daughter was throwing up and had a fever. We took her in. 6 hours later they decided to do a UA and told us they would have the results in 30 mins. 2 hours afrer the 30 mins had passed, after harrassing them over and over they eventually just told us theres nothing wrong with her and sent us home with no explaination of anything after 8 hours. Nobody did their job that day. We spent the majority of that 8 hours in a room by ourselves while all the nurses and doctors browsed facebook at their desk and talked and had a good ol time. Must be nice to get paid to do nothing. If this hospital is ever recommended to you, and you actually care about your child, your better off going to another state. You wont find any competent doctors or nurses in any of their locations. I have been fighting with this hospital for 2 years now. Luckily we are moving on the other side of the country and will soon no longer have to deal with them. (4 weeks ago)

My wife took our two month old daughter to the ER and was there for 8 Hours. They did nothing to help our daughter. They discharged us and said a surgeon will be giving us a call in the next two days. But our daughter is still in pain. Why can't they just help us, by fixing the problem. This is what's wrong with this ER and all others too. You wait a long time to get nothing done. But they will be send me a bill for them doing nothing. If i don't do my work at my job, i don't get paid, so why should you Children's mercy ER get paid for nothing. The Kansas City doctors, ER's all suck. We need to do something to make a change. DOCTORS DO YOUR JOBS!!!! (3 months ago)

Always thorough. And friendly! Good care (2 weeks ago)

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