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13123 EAST 16TH AVENUE, AURORA, CO 80045
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AURORA, CO 80045

Children's Hospital Colorado is one of the top children's hospitals in the nation, helping kids across Colorado and the west.

Childrens Hospital Colorado is one of the childrens/facilities located in Adams County, CO.

Childrens Hospital Colorado does not have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Childrens Hospital Colorado is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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My daughter had to have surgery because dislocated her clavicle and it was pushed against a vessel after 4 wheeler wreck. For the most part everything was great. Except a couple of things one being they did not making sure her ice bags were staying filled and ready for her since she had several injuries that required ice. Also one of the nurses when my daughter received an antibiotic made it seem like she was over reacting cause she said it was burning her hand going in and instead of trying to listen to her she told her everything was fine but everything was not fine. She hardly cried and but this burning pain was hurting her. Also we don’t know what therapist or doctor does things we have questions like lots I mean our daughter had surgery and we needed to know everything we can getting responses like “well that’s not my department so I can’t help you” was crappy. I get it’s not your area but maybe a better response would be “I am not to sure about those things but let me direct you to the right person.” She is our Kid so of course we want to make sure she has everything she needs to make the best recovery possible. Sometimes it just felt like we were the problem. I will give a shout to an RN names Christie she made my daughter feel more comfortable and like she was cared for. She even assisted me with getting her gown so she could have a sponge bath. Even encouraged it. While others told us it isn’t a worry... she crashed lake water she was itchy and uncomfortable especially after 3 days of not bathing her hair was matted. I appreciate Christie not discouraging us on the sponge bath. She even helped to make sure my daughter had what she need med wise for our drive home. That made us feel like someone. Genuinely cared for. We do appreciate the doctors who completed her surgery. This was a very scary things for us cause she is visiting her grandparents while we live in Arizona and wrecking in a different state was hard for us. We are happy that everyone was on top of it and got her the best treatment she could get. The food though they hardly got the order correct and instead of asking us if we were going to pay for the extra meals because we had our other kids with us they decided just to not bring it. We were willing to pay extra but they just didn’t even bother to ask they made the decision for us and getting several of our orders incorrect sucked. Hopefully they find a better system. And learn to verify everything with the families. (a week ago)

I'm a student at AMC and I really love coming here to eat lunch! The food is affordable, relatively healthy (depending on what you pick), and it tastes pretty good! Highly recommend dining at their cafeteria if you can. I'm sorry I cannot speak about the care or service of this place as a hospital. (in the last week)

My 12 year old son needed a somewhat simple procedure to be done. It required an IV. He had a bit of anxiety about this. A virtual reality headset was given to him prior to inserting the IV. He didn’t even know when the IV was inserted and had zero problems. It was such a wonderful distraction and the staff at this hospital were so kind and accommodating. They made him so relaxed and comfortable. We had a great experience. (3 weeks ago)

While the doctors were amazing their billing staff is terrible. Took my son in for an accident that caused a fractured spine while his Medicaid was being transitioned. I was assured they would accept his out of state Medicaid and that someone would be following up with me. The person in billing that contacted me told me it was MY responsibility to file the claim with my state. When I contacted the state they said the hospital had to file the claim because they have to include an itemized bill. I contacted Colorado children’s billing and explained that to them. I didn’t hear anything else and assumed it was resolved until the collections agency the sold the account to hit my credit report. This is federally illegal and has really made me question using them for any of my children’s needs in the future. (a month ago)

This hospital is essentially a second home to me. Due to my medical issues I tend to come here frequently. The staff here is amazing, helpful, and very friendly. When in a serious situation the staff respect the parents and patients decision. Sometimes even in life or death. When the patient turns 18, they try to inform the child/patient of his/her responsibilities and rights. The location is amazing next to a very busy area. The hospital is also very modern. One thing to note though is that in emergency room if the patient isn't in a extreme situation you'll be forced to wait. Granted an emergency for one might not be one for the physicians. But overall however it is the best of the best. Definitely recommend bringing your child here. (2 months ago)

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