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11111 SOUTH 84TH ST, PAPILLION, NE 68046
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11111 SOUTH 84TH ST


Chi Health Midlands is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Sarpy County, NE.

Chi Health Midlands does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Chi Health Midlands is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Took my dad there for mild dehydration. He was staying overnight. The nurse gave him a double dose and all his medications at one time, last time my father ate a whole pudding. If they never crushed an extended release medication even though I argued with her. His blood pressure dropped, and after a transfer, they wouldn't let me feed him for 3 days. He might still be here. I am heart broken. When you have an option go to UNMC. (9 months ago)

My mother was admitted for a kidney infection on a Monday and sent home on Wednesday with a PICC line for IV antibiotics at home. On Friday she was re admitted for low blood sugar. She is diabetic. On the following Monday she started getting confused which is very unusual for her and was told she had hospital indused delerium. She is in her 60s with no history of dementia. She continues to get worse, when she was no longer able to stand they put in a foley catheter. After 5 days arguing with the doctors and staff that my mother did not have hospital indused delerium and watching her continue to decline physically I finally made them transfer her to Bergen Mercy. Found out all of her confusion, agitation and hallucinating was being caused by seizures because they were giving her the WRONG DOSE of her seizure medication. Here at Midlands they were only giving her half the dose she was supposed to be on. She was at Bergen for 5 days. She continued to have memory impairment and that made it hard to get a short term rehab facility to take her. Found out they had her two antipsychotic drugs she never should have been at. Now she is at UNMC while they try to fix everything this hospital screwed up. Don't send your loved ones here! (5 months ago)

Left a gaping wound in my head from a car accident. Had to tell them to stitch it. (2 months ago)

This hospital has the best patient satisfaction ratings in the Omaha Metro! (3 months ago)

So i just went in i wasn't feeling well fever,red eyes, and headache that got worse when i coughed. so they thought it was the flu they gave me something to help me for the flu then did a test to see if it really was the flu. the test came back negative so i didn't have the flu they gave meds i didn't need. and then had me take a steroid and cough suppressant. The doctor spent less than 3 min in my room talking to me and didn't ask any questions about my health. He told me that my red eyes were caused by my coughing (while he was saying this he was walking around the room turning off machines) he said that my coughing has caused my eyes to turn red and my headache was caused by it as well. The thing is that i haven't been coughing i cough once in a while no more than usual when i need to clear my throat or something I don't cough hard and can go hours without coughing on my own with no meds. So my recent visit to this facility has been very bad and past experiences also horrible on one occasion i went because i had pain in my hand it felt like it was on fire and the doctor literally told me that if it hurts when i move it this way then I shouldn't move it that way and only prescribed me drugs like oxy (later i was diagnosed by a real doctor with an auto immune disease) Maybe if the doctors spent more than 3min in the room and actually asked questions I would feel better and not be wasting my time with them flat out stating they don't know whats wrong with me they think its a virus threw prescriptions at me and sent me on my way. (6 months ago)

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