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OMAHA, NE 68130


Chi Health Lakeside is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Douglas County, NE.

Chi Health Lakeside does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Chi Health Lakeside is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Staff is rude and incompetent. Nursing staff placed my life at risk and did not seem trained well for emergency situations. Nurses lied on discharge instructions stating I refused education which it wasn't offered. And when I made her aware she didn't care or make changes. I was billed by a doctor that did not perform the services. 4 days later I had complications from my procedure and had to be seen which acquired a new bill from their mess up. The nursing clerk is never there at the hours on the discharge paperwork. She informed me she gets sent home due to census being low. Horrible Experience. (3 weeks ago)

I just had a 5 day stay due to Severe Sepsis. All of the nurses and doctors were wonderful. The nurses anticipated any problems or pain I was in and was ahead of any issue. They were very caring. I did come in through ER but this was the first stay at Lakeside. Due to my experience, I have to say I would recommend the hospital to anyone! (in the last week)

The emergency room was dirty. Equipment seems old and run down. Did not have a good feeling about my son being in there. I would not recommend and would definitely never return in a true life or death emergency. One of the nurses was nice and the nurse practitioner was friendly but other staff members rude as hell and the head nurse was the rudest of them all. No one ever explained to us what was going on and the staff was getting agitated with me as I kept going up and asking questions about my sons care as we had been there for several hours. It is definitely worth the drive to go to Methodist. (a month ago)

I went in the ER for what I believe was possible food poisoning. I was having abdominal pain on right side and on right side of my back. The doctor came in talked to me then sent the nurse in. She wanted to draw blood. My veins tend to roll so I know where they are sticking me wont work. I suggested my hand and she didn't want o do that. She would rather dig and fish in my arm for the vein. When I said that's enough she was angry with an attitude. They brought someone else in he tried the same spot. Again he did not hit it and was blaming me. Then they wanted me to give a urine sample. They sent me to the bathroom. When I entered the bathroom I was greeted by a urine filled stool with urine dried on the toilet seat. I am a female so needless to say this was not ok. When I said something about the male nurse who had fished for a vein replied "We are not janitors" ...i couldn't even believe I was treated and spoken to that way. I walked out. No stars deserved. (2 months ago)

If I could give it a zero I would!! This whole hospital is a JOKE! I get taken by ambulance to hospital. I get told I have to be hospitalized. I spent the night in the ER!!! No rooms available up stairs! The nurses were rude as hell! The doctor LIED to me about my diagnosis! My insurance didn’t pay them! I go in another time have a CT scan. I have a diagnosis found on FIVE different CT SCANS!!! And two different doctors! I’m in hell pain and my Bp is now high due to the incompetent doctors screwing me around! I call to talk to medical director, my doctor, hell I pulled my medical records to CONFIRM my diagnosis! But, this hospital has yet to get back with me!! Dodging phone calls and having unqualified people transfer you everywhere! I had a hernia in 2011! THEY SENT ME OUT THE DOOR SAID IT WAS GAS! I sent my CT scan over to another hospital! To my ob of all people! She saw it stat! I was sent to a general surgeon! RUN THE HELL AWAY!! Heard nothing but bad things bout this whole hospital! You are just a number here! You are not treated like a human being!!! I’ve rated doctors here! Take a look at my reviews! This is Jo! (5 months ago)

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