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7500 MERCY RD, OMAHA, NE 68124
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OMAHA, NE 68124


Chi Health Bergan Mercy is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Douglas County, NE.

Chi Health Bergan Mercy does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Chi Health Bergan Mercy is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Just had my daughter here, most of the staff seemed untrained. The morning shift at least didn’t stand around braiding each other’s hair which I found night shift doing instead of checking on patients. The food selection was okay but the food tasted horrible and they had very little portioning. When requesting adjustments to the food, such as can you make sure there are no tomatoes for one of us are allergic. And yet I still have tomatoes on both platters so now neither of us can eat. I will never come back to this hospital for as long as I live. We have had some nurses that were fantastic and some that should just be fired. They had no care for a mother who just gave birth and had a c section. They didn’t even help her clean up when her legs were numb and the table was covered in blood. A different nurse who was checking to make sure we were okay ended up doing it. When requesting for the nurse leader our nurse walked off and we finally get to call her and she is busy and then when I call again an hour later I’m ignored for 3 calls. This has to be the worst hospital I have ever visited (a week ago)

While I was waiting for my sister's surgery I viewed the cleaning of the waiting room. It was apparent the women doing the cleaning didn't care or think it was necessary to be thorough with her job. She did empty the trash in the men's bathroom never touched the women's bathroom. Did wipe only one table and called it good. With the flu bug and other bacteria in hospitals I was very concerned with my sisters stay at Bergan. When we got to her room, the one next door was being cleaned for future patient and overheard her supervisor stating she needed to do a much better job. It's very scary when you can't or don't trust what should be a sterile environment. (3 months ago)

Emergency Room staff nursing was great. They were nice to me, cared about my grandmothers well being (I must say they were easy on the eyes also) ER Tiny Tim was absolutely HILARIOUS! In my grandmas worst he made her smile, kept her comfortable. It seemed as if we were being cared for by our own family members. He’ll be a great nurse. Doctor could have toned down the cockiness just a tad and spent less time trying to rush out of the the room. Also when the nursing staff was attempting to do their job he spent more time trying to butt in and play GOD instead of being respectful. Floor staff at the hospital was absolutely horrible. Not saying theyre not great nurses but you could tell t was chaotic. Staffing looks like it sucked ( you could see from the obvious staff sheets laying around everywhere) the nurses were burnt out and so were the techs. The nurse to patient ratio is absolutely horrible. I can see why the nurses were miserable and no patients want to be there. Working in healthcare myself i would never think to apply at that facility. They would run people away before orientation began. (a month ago)

This is the worse hospital I've ever been too. Been here all day waiting to hear what is going on and all they tell me is there waiting from trauma. They have no answers to anything asked. To call for a nurse it takes them 5 mins just to answer and another 25 mins to come to the room. I'm glad it wasn't serious or I'd be dead waiting for the nurses. I wouldn't recommend this hospital to my worst enemy. Poor service, poor everything! Would never come back to this place! (3 months ago)

Just okay, good and bad are very mixed, staff is busy and they get tired and can be short. Expensive, expensive, expensive, and for no good reason. For what they are extracting out of our wallets they can do a better job. Doctor's can lower their self esteem also, they aren't as good as they think they are. Nurses are awesome. (3 months ago)

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