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Photo: Chestnut Hill Hospital - Tower Health

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Chestnut Hill Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Philadelphia County, PA.

Chestnut Hill Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Chestnut Hill Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Nice little Community Hospital. If you have to go to the emergency room then this hospital usually will get you in and out without the extremely long wait times like some of the other larger hospitals in the area. The Doctors and nurses I've come in contact with have always been professional, nice and pleasant. They do have free parking. The only thing I wish they still had is a Maternity Ward but they did away with that several years ago. (a month ago)

On 03/15/2018 my 86 yr old husband had a very satisfactory experience, being treated for a head injury following a fall. The excellent discharge instructions could be improved by including the following information as we seek to understand his repeated falls: What was his blood pressure while in the ER? What was his blood sugar? Was he showing any signs of dehydration? Alas, he was alone and does not remember these data. As a retired E.R. nurse, I can remember patients being discharged with essentially complete records, with all patient assessment, lab results and treatment data. (2 months ago)

The worst experience I've ever had. Their billing department is so unorganized. You're unable to make any progress when you call to discuss the bills you receive because every person gives you another number to call. Then they tell you they will review the account and get back to you - 2 months later, no call back. Call again to follow-up and they tell you that YOU NEVER CALLED BEFORE. Everyone you speak to has different information, no one follows through, you get transferred around 7 times and then have to wait for a call back that never happens. Worst organization - take your health care elsewhere. (3 weeks ago)

This is by far the worse hospital I’ve ever been to. They do not care about people and the doctors either do not care or do not know information. Almost every family member of mine, who has spent the night there, suddenly died. In addition, my brother goes in and claims he can not breathe and the only thing they tell him is that he pulled a muscle. But give him no other type of information like recommended ways to help him feel better. Another time, his thumb was severely infected, and puss coming out of it and they did not even wrap his thumb up. Lastly, after my father had a stroke, they tell him no type of information and let him go home without knowing anything. I absolutely despise this hospital and I highly suggest for people not to go there. It doesn’t even deserve 1 star (4 months ago)

I went to Chedtnut Hill Hospital on 2/1/18 for a chest x-ray. My physician and the x-ray technician said I had to wait until the results were in. I waited an hour or more for results only to be told there was another patient with my name and they called that patient’s physician with my results. I told my physician what happened and advised her I did no trust the x-ray. I’m a patient Liaison for the largest healthcare company in the country. I know that giving orthorhombic patients information to someone not authorized is a HIPAA violation and can cause a patient to receive wrong treatment. I will send my dispute to the CFO and cc the Attorney General. Then on 2/10/18 I went for a bone scan only to be told after the bone scan I needed a MRI by the physician who reads the scans. I come back fo the MRI I’m on crutches not one time that Evening was I offered a will chair. I hopped from outpatient to across the hall to radiation then the technician a few minutes later had me hop all the way down the hall to MRI. She then had a nerve to ask me halfway if I could carry the paper so she could return. WoW what kind of service is this!!!!!! Not to mention my physician is a part of Tower Health. And I had to wait 5 days for an appointment for a very painful ,swollen ankle. Instead of being referred to an orthopedic specialist from the beginning I wasn’t referred until week 2 And I just got a message from her advising me of my MRI results another week later. I just saw a orthopedic specialist this week. He wanted to know why it took her so long to refer me. This is how Chestnuthill Hospital treat their patients. Then they have a nerve to bill your insurance. (2 months ago)

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