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Chenango Memorial Hospital, Inc is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Chenango County, NY.

Chenango Memorial Hospital, Inc does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Chenango Memorial Hospital, Inc is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday 600 AM – 830 PM
Tuesday 600 AM – 830 PM
Wednesday 600 AM – 830 PM
Thursday 600 AM – 830 PM
Friday 600 AM – 830 PM
Saturday 600 AM – 830 PM
Sunday 600 AM – 830 PM

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NEVER go here! I would give a negative if I could. Horrendous hospital. I have yet to have a positive experience. It's hard to say whether a nurse is good or not, because they can't keep staff. I went here for the birth of my two kids (I tried to transfer with my second child and they trapped me). Doctor white is rude with NO respect or bedside manner. Doctor Breslau doesn't know anything proper. Doctor Corey is good but losing his touch as the place withers him down. AVOID THIS HOSPITAL!!!! (2 weeks ago)

The woman at the gift shop was very pleasent! Fresh flowers availble. (in the last week)

I have had of my babies here, so happy and some sad. The staffing is so helpful, nice and understanding, they listen to you when you tell them things about how your body reacts to things. I will always come here no matter what. (a month ago)

All I can say is avoid this place like the plague, I have yet to meet a doctor that should be licensed by the state of NY. Here is a partial list of why I think the standard of care is being ignored by the hospital and medical services. December 2013 my mother was diagnosed with pneumonia after a ER visit only to find out ten days later it was advanced lung cancer that was all throughout her body. Thank God the the xray images were re-read by someone competent, and we found out ten days after the fact the pneumonia was actually a 10cm tumour on her left lung. They wanted to treat her but refused to even do a biopsy until they were sure she had the proper medical insurance. Albany Med didn't care and gave her the proper treatment she needed, and was able to enjoy an extended life. I've been to the ER numerous times and can't believe how unsanitary I found it to be. The last trip was for spitting up large amounts of blood, the room was nasty, the cables for the heart monitor still had the sticky pieces on it, with hair all over it. I brought this to the attention of the doctor and hospital staff, which apparently doesn't have a patient advocate on-site, no do they care. I got the a great generic response of we will look into it. I recently had a physical by one of the family physicians, and all I can say is omg. I stand 6'2" and weigh a 156 lbs with a BMI of 21 percent. I couldn't believe I was offered weight lose solutions, not once but three times during the visit. After looking at the doctor, he might want to take his own advice. Also after my March ER visit my white blood count was raised, so I figured they would do another cbc to see where it's at, my doctor said no need for it because it was done in March. I can only hope that the NYD Department of health, comes to this hospital and does and extended inspection, interview patients, make sure the medical staff is up to date on training, education, and is properly working as a medical institution. It would be nice for the residents of the county to have a proper hospital, this one is good for paper cuts, nothing more in my opinion. I will travel from now on to seek better medical care for me and my family. UHS you should be ashamed of yourself. (a month ago)

They are usually slow but it is convenient to go to for testing. (a month ago)

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