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Centura Health-Penrose St Francis Health Services is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in El Paso County, CO.

Centura Health-Penrose St Francis Health Services does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Centura Health-Penrose St Francis Health Services is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Most uncaring and abusive experience. Come to the ER in kidney stone pain and made to wait over 3 hours. Informed multiple times that I have PSTD from the medical field. Totally ignored and instead the security company bullied me and discriminated against me a patient in pain. They kicked me off property while holding my mom against her will. An 88 yo and abused her. By telling her I had left on my own abandoning her. When I was kicked off the property I was already leaving on my own with my mom. The security company even placed my mom in a car with a drunk driver. All this after they tried to solicit me to come back for care they did not even have lab results after 3 hours. This occurred on Feb 23rd 2018. Thus, it is apparent my mom and I were safer with the drunk driver. Who got my mom home and me to memorial hospital where there was no trouble and well cared for. 8.5 kidney stone removed 5 days later Neither the patient representative or the security company could make a formal apology. Just brushed me off while pursuing their efforts to falsely accuse me of abuse to my mom. As for profit hospital it is apparent to me the money is more important than the care of patients. (in the last week)

Worst possible care....ever. Hardly any of staff on the same page. Changes made on pain plan without notice. They seem to think they have only answers. Asked for a transfer to another hospital and was denied. Promised results on biopsy results for cancer almost a week ago and still heard nothing. In pain constantly and after clearly vocalizing what I gain relief from, i was ignored as if my opinion didn't matter. Worst place ever. This post keeps showing 5 stars as if I put them up but that is not the case. Wouldn't give it a single star...Period! Dr. Drew Brulon is THE ONLY DR WHO WOULD HELP OR LISTEN!!! (a month ago)

Yesterday I took my husband, who has a history of COPD, PE, and A-Fib, to the ER because he had lower chest pain which was excruciating when he coughed. With COPD it is very important that he be able to cough to remove mucus from his lungs. They immediately drew blood and took a chest x-ray, probably because he said he had chest pain. After a couple of hours, the ER doc came back and said he was NOT an emergency because he didn’t have a heart attack maybe (huh) a cracked rib. Sent us home with a script for 12 pain pills. Dr. Johnson was a jerk, but the rest of the staff was very nice. (in the last week)

For a busy ER, this place does a great job. I have been here twice and both times, it is clear that they get the most urgent cases back first, which made me definitely more okay with waiting. The nurses are kind, gentle, and helpful, and the doctors there that I have seen are thorough, knowledgeable, and actually got down to the root of my problems, rather than just treating the symptoms and sending me home (which other ERs have done). If you can make it up here for an emergency, I would recommend going to this ER. (4 months ago)

If I could give Zero stars, I would. I took my husband here for possible complications from surgery and while we sat in the waiting room for two hours we watched as they took people back for the flu. They said they were just taking them back for blood work yet they never took my husband back for blood work for a possible staff infection. While sitting and waiting we met a man who was there because he had a serious gash in his hand from a work-related injury who had already been there two hours. They had wrapped up his injured hand but it was still bleeding and in obvious need of stitches. He too, was being passed up for people with the flu. A kid with a head concussion? Passed up for flu victims. The triage nurses need to learn how to prioritize. (3 months ago)

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