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Centura Health-Littleton Adventist Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Arapahoe County, CO.

Centura Health-Littleton Adventist Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Centura Health-Littleton Adventist Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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ALL the medical professionals and staff were AMAZING at my surgery today! I was so at ease I fell asleep BEFORE I was taken back for the procedure. Mary Ann and everyone, they are all truly wonderful. (a month ago)

Very Disappointed in the ER this happen 3 year's ago and know I'm paying for it., The female Doctor the day,I went in , she spent at the most 10 full minutes with me because they had an overdose come in and I get it that I was a low priory but to bill me for full service for the 10 minutes is why health care is so messed up. I was some mad I did not pay yht bill which is my bad and now I'm paying double for what I was billed so maybe I should send a bill back to the hospital for the waste of my time. (a month ago)

The dr. was very informative and helpful. He explained my dad situation and helped us make the right decision. The cost was out rages. (a week ago)

The most positive experience my husband has ever had in a hospital . Excellent care . Dr Hugates was wonderful. I also have to say the nursing staff is exceptional. Especially Shelley, Caley and David. Thank all of you (a month ago)

House of horrors. Would rate negative stars if allowed. Never have I ever experienced the lack of care and follow through like I did in my short stay at Littleton Adventist. The way my doctor treated me was beyond repulsive and I plan to file a complaint against the state. No one should ever be spoken to and treated the way I was. I knew I should have gone to Swedish and regret my decision not to. **** including my review of Dr. Glen Bigsby who’s care I was under at Littleton Adventist*** Re: Dr Bigsby only: Would rate negative stars if I could. This man thinks he is God’s gift to the world. Loves to act like a caring person. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing. No physician should speak to a patient the way he did to me. Dr Bigsby loves to belittle any of my thoughts or concerns. Recently I was a direct admit to Littleton Adventist from another facility where a CT Scan was done. Dr Bigsby who was my oncologist and attending at Littleton Hospital treated me in such a despicable manner. He incorrectly diagnosed me ( with constipation- even though I told him I had pooped twice since that CT). No where on my report does it mention constipation- anywhere, but he thinks he knows better. I requested a second opinion read on the CT scan several times. In front of myself and a girlfriend who works in healthcare he assured me it would get read by a radiologist at Littleton Adventist. He then asked me some questions , but spoke over me the entire time so I could not answer. I did tell him many times “I think I have an abscess, I am not constipated” he blew me off every time. Just before leaving the room he says to me ( in front of my visitor) “ your not looking perky enough this evening to get a hand up your ass”😱 . As my symptoms got worse, Dr B did nothing he said he would to follow through with “our plan” 1. Get a second opinion on previous CT scan. 2. Get new CT scan if radiologist felt it was necessary. 3. Go from there. We never got to step 1 as he decided he is now a radiologist and oncologist and him viewing the Images is sufficient. I grew very frustrated with being put in a hospital room for 24 hrs given tons of morphine as my symptoms just got worse. I went well over 12hrs with him not checking in on me or doing ANYTHING. I requested the RN to get him on the phone as I felt things were taking a major downward turn for me. The second I am on the phone with him he says the following “Do you know how many patients and how busy I am!!?” ( really, cause I’m a patient???) He goes on to tell me how he is the best oncologist ever, and I will never find a better one than him. He then tells me “ there’s nothing wrong with you- your just constipated, I would be happy to write a prescription for mag citrate and you can lay there all night crapping yourself” I was done. Hung up the phone and checked out AMA. Went to Swedish- radiologist viewed the ORIGINAL CT scan and said “you have a lymphocele abscess- we need to see how much it’s grown since Friday” so I got another CT scan. The abscess had grown 10x in size. This required me to stay in the hospital, get the abscess drained and be put on IV Antibiotics. Dr Bigsby- if you are reading this SHAME ON YOU!!! You are a disservice to the medical community. You may also want to educate yourself better in your radiology reading skills. Also you kept telling that I couldn’t have an abscess without a fever- well guess what- you were WRONG. (a week ago)

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