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Avista Adventist Hospital in Louisville, Colorado is a comprehensive medical center that provides a full-range of medical specialties and exceptional health care to ...

Centura Health-Avista Adventist Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Boulder County, CO.

Centura Health-Avista Adventist Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Centura Health-Avista Adventist Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Was in the ICU 3 times over February and March. The nursing staff was great, the doctors, not so much. Except the cardiologist, she is awesome. But the staff doctors, not so much. The ER nurse the last time - I would give her -5 stars. She was horrible. Food was great. (2 months ago)

Went in this morning to get a mammogram. Everyone was very kind and made me feel comfortable. Heather checked me in quickly and thoroughly. Celeste in radiology was particularly wonderful; kind, caring, explained everything she was doing. I appreciated her compassion and gentle technique. It was a good visit with results before I left! Thank you Avista. I have always had a great experience here. (3 months ago)

My son sliced his leg wide open last night. I rushed him to the ER. The doctor and nurse were taking their sweet time, making small talk, chitchat. I kept imploring them to act more urgently because my son was in extreme pain. They said, "it's fine, we see this all the time, he'll be out of here in an hour." I told them I was concerned he lacerated the muscle because the cut was that deep. They said, "no, he's fine." I moved my vehicle to the parking lot and came back about 10 minutes later. HE'S BEING TRANSFERRED TO THE CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL IN AURORA! I bring him to the children's hospital in Aurora and he ended up needing surgery. Also, his muscle was damaged! Thankfully, he's fine now, recovering. Don't go here for an emergency! I've had 2 children born in this hospital without any problems. However, the ER experience has me fuming. It's an emergency room for a reason and they don't treat it as such. Very horrible experience. I can't even articulate my disgust with the nurse and doctor in the ER. (3 weeks ago)


Had to go to the e-room at 11pm on a Saturday, couldn't have had a better experience (3rd ER that day, long story). The Doctors and Nursing staff/EMT's were great! Everything was clean, they were very thorough, and the blood tests came back quickly. Asked a million questions and they had1,000,001 answers. A+, 5-star. Thank you Avista!! (3 months ago)

The New Birth Unit is clean and the rooms are amazing! With that said my experience with the nursing staff was terrible! My delivery nurse was so unprofessional. As I was pushing she was fixing her hair and blowing bubbles with her gum... no joke. She would remove her hair tie and a little while later put it back in. She’d say you have a contraction coming grab your leg as she fluffed her hair and chomped her gum! I wanted to kick her out so bad. Also my husband and I didn’t find out the gender of our child. Once my son was born one of the other nurses yelled to the nurse desk while walking down the hall “room 2209 is a BOY” my family is sitting right across from the desk. So my husband or I didn’t even get to share our big news with the ones we love. I am grateful my son was delivered healthy and happy. The nurse staff needs further training and a reality check on professionalism. (5 months ago)

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