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MONROE, NC 28110

Carolinas HealthCare System Union is a hospital in Monroe, NC, providing comprehensive emergency services and specialty medical care.

Carolinas Healthcare System Union is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Union County, NC.

Carolinas Healthcare System Union does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Carolinas Healthcare System Union is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Today, my mom needed to go to the hospital, and while she was getting her scan done, I kept seeing trash or blood stains in the room. In the hospital! Where my mom is supposed to find out what's wrong with her and get better, not be contaminated by other peoples illnesses or diseases! I'm disappointed in the cleanliness of this place. Something that was supposed to be in the hazard trash can is laying next to it! Then, the tray they use to get their needles ready had yellow stains. My sister called to complain, and they were snooty, rude and grumbling. Then, this has nothing to do with the structure of the hospital, but even their soap dispenser was taped to the wall. Her blanket was also stained, but I didn't get a picture of it. But, this has nothing to do with the nurses and doctor that did take exceptional care of my mom. But either way, this place was disgusting! I am not pleased Monroe Hospital! (in the last week)

i want to know to to file a complaint on this hospital . My husband and I waited 5 hours in the waiting room to get seen and when they finally got us a room , we waited another 45 mins. My husband went to ask if we could leave because we just wanted to go somewhere where we could get actual medical treatment & a doctor came as soon as possible to tell us we “must not be hurting” cause we wanted to leave . He made us feel small and dramatic . I’ve never felt this way in my life .. we were in a car accident that wasn’t even our fault and we’ve been getting treated like we wanted to waste there time on purpose. So if someone know where I can complain please let me know. (2 months ago)

If a loved one is ever admitted and on the 4th floor, I would highly recommend requesting the nurse named Terry. She is a God send, literally such an amazing nurse, who truly loves her profession and has a heart of Gold. Couldn't be more grateful for her. (3 months ago)

I brought my 6 month old here due to a hand full of symptoms because I could not get him into his pediatrician that day and I was scared of dehydration. We were taken straight back, time was not a factor. They checked his weight and temperature in triage. When the doctor came in with 2 shadows he listened to my sons breathing and talked and played with him. His entire encounter with him was no more than 2-3 minutes. I was told he “seems fine because he’s still smiling and laughing.” Sent home with Zofran(what??). Followed up with pediatrician who ran a panel told to come back Monday if not better. We’re back Monday and he is admitted to the hospital with E Coli and Norovirus. I received a bill from CMC-Union before we even got the panel results, even though his insurance was given at the visit. I questioned CMC-Union about why no tests were done and no more time spent with him. With the information I got that question turned into a complaint. I was transferred to a JEANNE WHALEN to take my complaint and all I got was demeaning comments and personal opinions. I was told that if the doctor found it necessary he would have done the test because they “do not care about insurance or costs.” I was promised a follow up call about my initial complaint as well the actions of Jeanne from a “higher up position” and I got a call back from Jeanne . This visit was simply a last resort. I drive almost an hour to his pediatrician, NOT AFFILIATED WITH CHS, so if we ever need an ER again we will be driving straight past this one. UPDATE: I received a letter from JEANNE basically saying my sons case was reviewed by “Physician and Nursing Leadership” and was deemed the tests were not “necessary” based on opinion and “did not want to burden me with the additional expense.” I was told when I spoke with her the first time that the test would have been ran because the hospital did not care about costs, now that’s the reason I’m given as to why it wasn’t ran. (a month ago)

My husband came to emergency room with numbness in arm and extreme dizziness. Wait was ridiculously long. Finally saw doctor who was concerned he had had a TMI. Left room after promising to come back and didn't come back for an hour. Obviously, they are very short staffed. They finally admitted him and put him in the "Clinical Discharge Unit" . Here, you share a bathroom with another room. All night, he was kept awake listening to someone else taking care of their bodily functions in the bathroom. Who wants this when they don't feel well? Next day, he had to wait 6 hrs for the result of a test, then another 2 after telling him he was to be discharged. Nurse spike broken English that he could,hardly understand. Food was abominable. Horrible experience. Will not go back unless we are dying. (6 months ago)

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