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SHELBY, NC 28150

Carolinas HealthCare System Cleveland in Shelby is a 241-bed hospital serving the greater Cleveland County, NC region, providing comprehensive care.

Carolinas Healthcare System Cleveland is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cleveland County, NC.

Carolinas Healthcare System Cleveland does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Carolinas Healthcare System Cleveland is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Thank you to for the care I received today at Carolina Health Care System ( Cleveland Hospital ) nurses exceptional, my assigned nurse Kim five stars your compassion, understanding , very pleasant & upbeat. Thank you to the surgical team for all your compassion . Dr. Collins for being part of the team, my doctor . Most of all thanks 💖to my wonderful husband. (a month ago)

They killed my brother J Reinhardt on 3/30/2018 My brother had heart condition was in with pneumonia they never had him on heart machine or oxygen. Though he complained of not been able to breathe. They gave him some antibiotics I imagine the wrong ones for someone with heart condition. After his heart stop the second day he was there then they decided he needed to be in ICU. The treating doctor only talked to me on the phone to tell me he died from pneumonia. Also I should tell you he went to hospital three days before his last time and he was given breathing treatment and sent. They pneumonia was there then but they were in suchca hurry to get him out they didn't catch it. They are murders. Im not done with sorry hospital.This place are in such a hurry to get people out they seem to care what they. Will keep telling people about place until I die. (a month ago)

They dont even have a doctor in the ER. Gave me muscle relaxer when i am telling her its worse than a strain. No xray, no test. Dont waste you time coming. They dont care. I want a surgeon to see it. Just a joke to them. (2 months ago)

I was very surprised about the lack of care my dad received on the 3rd floor I strongly feel like the lady's nurses was really cold and uncaring And doesn't seem to know a lot about anything. I it was my belief that these people know what they are doing. (2 months ago)

This ER is okay for minor things, like getting fluids for nausea/vomiting. I was direct admitted to Coronary Care and the staff was excellent there. The ER, though, ugh. Went in with blood pressure of 220/124; had headache at level 7; had had a nosebleed earlier and been dizzy/lightheaded all day. I was 'seen' by a nurse practitioner who told me to "not check your pressure so often, more like every three days." The actual doctor spent less than one minute in my room. Fortunately my BP went down, and I was able to leave. For serious problems, I have no confidence in this ER. Doctors should be giving primary care, in my opinion. I'm an RN myself, so I have no problem with NP in certain settings. (5 months ago)

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