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NEW BERN, NC 28560

Welcome to CarolinaEast Health System. CarolinaEast Medical Center, located in picturesque New Bern, North Carolina is a 350 bed, full service facility housing a ...

Carolina East Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Craven County, NC.

Carolina East Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Carolina East Medical Center is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Everyone who cared for me were so nice and caring. Really calmed my fears about surgery. After surgery they made sure my pain was managed and I was comfortable. They were all so sweet. I highly recommend this hospital! (a week ago)

I WILL ONLY COME HERE IF ITS A LIFE OR DEATH SITUATION. A shard of metal embedded in my eye. Long story short... Never saw a real doctor. A q-tip was used to try and get the object loose. I was sent home with double the pain with the metal still in my eye. Not to mention this was the weekend so I had to wait til Monday for the optometrist to remove. The hospital charged me $650 for a q-tip, dye, and numbing drops. The optometrist charged me $250 for a retina scan, eye test, all of the same materials that the hospital used and the surgical removal of the metal. What a scam by Carolina East. Well done, bravo for being the biggest crooks in town. I just love how the man(opthamologist at Taylor retina) who actually accomplished his job and did twice as much, all while having great patient relations is getting paid half as much as the hospital. The hospital that states "well a service was provided so you have to pay". Well your "service" was botched and I wouldn't send my dog there if I didn't have to. Have a nice day.๐Ÿ˜ˆ (3 weeks ago)

From the moment you arrive , during surgery and post- op care this Hospital is first class . They treat you with warmth , professionalism and just the right amount of Southern hospitality to make you feel loved and protected during your stay . The ladies on the 5th floor rock !Thank you so much for making my surgery as pleasant and smooth as possible . (a week ago)

My experience was terrible! My wife had a C/T scan , we went to UNC MEDICAL CENTER where the procedure was repeated. Our fee after all insurance adjustments at Carolina East was $2,941.00! For the same procedure at UNC the fee was $1,600! Why does a little hospital in Eastern North Carolina charge charge almost 80 % more than a University hospital? Because they can!, I hope I never have to go there again! (a month ago)

The fact that I have to leave one star to submit a review is infuriating! There should be a 0 star option. I was treated very poorly by the medical staff and the ER Doctor. Behaviors from nasty comments to rolling their eyes and talking behind my back.In the ER exam room, I showed my nurse, Lori Barclay, my tongue, cheeks and throat.It was very hard to talk, my tongue either rubbed against my teeth or I bit it.I had to either hold it out or talk with my teeth together.Also, because of rude treatment in the past at this hospital, I went ahead and explained that in my medical history I was seen here for addiction to opioids.I asked them to please treat me with respect and no judgement.She reassured me that regardless of my past, everyone would treat me fairly and would not discriminate. Dr.Jeremy Selley came in and asked me the standard questions,"when did this start", etc. I answered him with my teeth together so I didn't bite my tongue.He examined my tongue by asking me to open and "say ah". He said I had normal taste buds and he didn't see any swelling. I tried to show him the ulcers, white patches and where it was swollen. His next question was, "where do you shoot up?". I gave him a puzzled look and asked what my past drug history had to do with my tongue. He told me I was experiencing "dyskinesia". At this point I was defensive and angry. I told him I didn't have dyskinesia because I was not on drugs. I told him it was the only way I could talk and not bite my tongue. With his mind made up he stood to go, I asked him NOT to discuss anything with my husband. He made a comment that because we were married he had a right to know. I said,I know my HIPPA rights and if I ask for my medical information to be kept private that means from everyone! He left the room, a few seconds later I opened the door, he was standing down the hall speaking with my husband. Later, my husband told me what he discussed with him, it was exactly what Dr. Selley had told me in the exam room. Dr. Selley violated my HIPPA rights! The more I tried to explain or show the ulcers and white patches on my tongue, the worse my treatment got. Next came the silent treatment. If I addressed anyone by name, they ignored me and walked away. Another nurse, Same Archino, came in with ultra sound to draw my blood. I told him I was more comfortable sitting in the chair for him to draw blood, his response was, "whatever" followed by an eye roll. Next came the urine drug screen, I complied and asked my nurse to stand in while giving my sample, explaining that I didn't trust anyone at this point. I asked her when the drug screen comes back negative will someone finally address my mouth and tongue, I was ignored? Escorted back to my room, the next person to come in was Ms. Brooke Rink, I am not sure of her title because she did not give one. Her first question was, "what brings you in today?". By this point, I found myself trying to convince anyone who would listen that I was not on drugs, didn't have dyskinesia and my tongue hurt. Her visit lasted less than 5 minutes, because she heard her phone ring out at the desk. She left the room, with the promise to "be right back". When she didn't return, I stepped into the doorway. I spoke directly to Ms. Rink and asked if she was planning on coming back. She gave me a dirty look and said she would be there in a minute, as I walked away everyone laughed. When Ms. Rink came back to my room she told me that I had to wait to speak to psychiatry via teleport and if I tried to leave before then I would be involuntarily committed. Two hours later the Dr. came to tell me my drug screen was negative. I told him I already knew that and asked if he was finally going to address my tongue. His response, I'll write you for discharge with medicines". The rudest, nastiest group of staff I have met to date. I WILL NOT return to this hospital! (3 weeks ago)

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